“Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation” Online Ceremonial Gathering

The next opportunity to receive the initiations of the South American Shamans to become an Earth Keeper is:Friday – Sunday, June 10 – 12, 2022 Join me online via Zoom session (recorded)3 Days, 3 Hours, 3 Rites each day Times: Friday, June 10, 6PM – 9PM EasternSaturday, June 11, 3PM – 6PM EasternSunday, June 12,Continue reading ““Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation” Online Ceremonial Gathering”

“Awaken the Spiritual Master Within” (Weekly Zoom class)

* This is more than a mediumship or psychic development class – this is an Introduction to Self-Mastery course that allows you to learn how to connect and receive your own spiritual information to better understand the Ascension Energies and Beings of Light that are working with you and enhancing your life at this time.Continue reading ““Awaken the Spiritual Master Within” (Weekly Zoom class)”

Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation Oshara StarShaman Fall Ceremony Offering

In preparation for the high and holy energies of Winter Solstice December 21, 2021, I am offering a virtual Zoom Gathering so you can receive the initiations of the South American Shamans to become an Earth Keeper. Join me online via Zoom this November 2021 (recorded)Dates: Friday – Sunday, Nov 12 – 14Time: Friday, 6PMContinue reading “Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation Oshara StarShaman Fall Ceremony Offering”

Full Moon (Indoor Candle) Fire Ceremony Instructions

Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provides the avenue to honor your lessons and old limiting, beliefs by turning them over to Spirit, thus enabling you to heal deeply at the level of the Soul. A fire ceremony is an intentional event to celebrate and honor something sacred. We gather at our fires to stepContinue reading “Full Moon (Indoor Candle) Fire Ceremony Instructions”

Why Do I Need to Deepen and Strengthen My Relationship with My I AM Presence?

Our concept of our I AM Presence needs to be expanded and our relationship strengthened and deepened before you are ready to “channel” any 5th dimensional Beings of Light or Galactic Star Beings. Before I elaborate, let me define I AM Presence. What is our I AM Presence? Your I AM Presence is God/Goddess/All ThereContinue reading “Why Do I Need to Deepen and Strengthen My Relationship with My I AM Presence?”

Spiritually Infused 3D-5D Life Coaching Oshara StarShaman https://starshamanmessenger.com

I am always honored to provide on-going support, mentoring and coaching after you have completed 3 sessions with me. This ensures that you understand my healing methodologies and approach to self empowerment. You have cleared intrusive energies, helped to heal your ancestors and bloodline, cleared current and past life trauma, released old agreements, experienced aContinue reading “Spiritually Infused 3D-5D Life Coaching Oshara StarShaman https://starshamanmessenger.com”

Goddess Codes of Light Activation

Awaken your Inner High Priestess and install the Goddess Codes of Creation in your energy field, chakras, especially your sacred womb space! The Divine Sponsor for this unique and powerful transmission of Divine Grace is beloved Mother Mary and her luminous Angels of Restoration and Purity. For many years the Codes of Light, held byContinue reading “Goddess Codes of Light Activation”

We’re the Disclosure we’ve been waiting for!

I love this prayer or invocation. I use a variation of this at night when I take my 4 dogs out for their “potty walk” before we all go to bed. I reach my hands up and call on the Galactic Federation of Worlds to help us, to assist humanity to heal and fully awakenContinue reading “We’re the Disclosure we’ve been waiting for!”

What is your Star Lineage?

Which Star Lineage do you feel the greatest affinity to? The following are the primary Galactic Federation of World’s benevolent races that have committed a large contingency of “embodied Starseed ground crew” to help clear the old dense 3D/4D control matrix and download the new Ascension light codes to heal the Earth/Terra/Gaia planetary bodies andContinue reading “What is your Star Lineage?”

Calling all Starseeds, Indigo Warriors, Energy Healers, Psychics, Ascension Seekers!

Join me in sacred space where I assist you to recalibrate your 3D/4D energies…come into alignment with our true spiritual nature and repair your 5D Lightbody. The “4D gap” is where the psychic/astral clearing work needs to done so you can more easily hold 5D+ frequencies of Quantum Light. In this way, we earn theContinue reading “Calling all Starseeds, Indigo Warriors, Energy Healers, Psychics, Ascension Seekers!”