Mastery Empowerment Course: “Awaken the Master within You”

Join our global Soul Tribe to awaken your template of the Living Spirit of Christ within your Heart Center and connect to the Wisdom of your Soul, your I AM Presence, and Highest Spiritual Guardians.
**Remember how powerful of a God Being you are! **
Meet your Cosmic Family who are watching over you!
Learn how to accelerate our Ascension into the Light!
(12 Weekly in person online Zoom classes and practice sessions)
  • This is more than a psychic development or spiritual protection course – this is about stepping into Sovereignty of your Body-Heart-Soul-Spirit Complex.
  • This course is designed to set you on your path to self-responsibility and self-mastery where you can take a quantum leap in your spiritual awareness, power and authority.
  • The course is tailored to teach you the techniques and processes to connect your Highest Sacred Self, activate your spiritual discernment meter and learn the safeguards of clear channeling to connect to the highest Christed, Ascended, Angelic Beings.
  • You will learn how to clear negative energies and remove a variety of interfering overlays, such as: negative entities, cords, attachments, etheric implants and devices, delete old agreements and upgrade aspects of your soul contract.
  • Experience powerful guided Meditations that activate your Neuro-Bio-Genetic Light Circuitry within your chakras and energy body to activate your 5D+ Light Body.
  • Practice Energetic Self-Defense – Learn the “I AM Protocol: Connect, Clear, Protect” process.
  • Pierce the 4D Astral Veil and Connect with the 5D+ Kristed, Ascended, Angelic, Galactic Higher Beings in the Realms of Illumined Truth and Christ Light.
  • Learn how to clear and protect yourself, your loved ones, home and property from unseen negative energies and entities.
  • Learn the Safeguards to pure channeling of Higher Light Beings – Ascended Masters, etc.
  • Step into ceremonial sacred space with Fire Ceremony and Inner Earth and Higher Dimensional Journeying
  • Cultivate a deeper connection to Mother Earth/Terra/Gaia and the Devas of the Elemental Kingdom (mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms)
  • Half of the course is dedicated to powerful teachings from the Ascended Masters, Spiritual Deliverance and the other half to practices of safely traveling in the Spirit, receiving guidance from your primary Light Team, remote viewing and gathering with your Cosmic and Inner Earth Family.
Mastery Empowerment Course:
“Awaken the Master within You”
(12 Week online Zoom course)

6 Class sessions and 6 Practice sessions
Bonus classes are always offered 🙂

**The next course date for 2024 is TBD**

Wednesday evenings, 7:30- 9:30PM Eastern

Questions or to get on the course waiting list, email me:
Connect with your 5D Higher Self

Up-Level your inner sensitivity, spiritual awareness, discernment and connection to the Higher Forces of Light (Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Star Beings) supporting Humanity and Mother Earth/Gaia this time.

Develop practical skills in Intuitive Awareness, connect with your Highest Sacred Self, turn on your Spiritual Discernment, practice Energetic Clearing and Protection methods, experience powerful Christ Consciousness activations and Shamanic Journeying. Connect with 5D+ Higher Light Ascended and Angelic Beings to create your Healing, Ascension and Security Teams.

Activate your Inner Christ Flame within your Heart, still your Mind

My Goal for this course is always evolving: To become Self-Referencing, Sacred Humans walking in Protection, who feel empowered to activate their Soul Mission and become Lightworkers in this Ascension Cycle!

Join me, Oshara StarShaman, in a fun, supportive, and powerful weekly class to learn how to: activate your spiritual discernment and energetic self-defense, keep yourself clear of lower astral energies, connect to your highest sacred self, and seal yourself in multiple levels of higher light protection.

  • Deepen your Connection with your inner Christ Light and I AM Presence to develop spiritual authority and discernment.
  • Understand the key differences between 4D lower psychic, astral energies, discarnate or earthbound spirits, and 5D+ Kristed, Ascended, Higher Light Beings
  • Practice powerful Energetic Clearing processes – Use the Violet Flame to perform deep energetic house cleaning – clear your energy field and chakras; clear your family/children; clear your environment; cut psychic cords and karmic ties, resend old vows, promises and agreements.
  • Use Psychic Protection Protocols – Learn about energetic boundaries and how to invoke various level of spiritual protection (seal yourself in Source Light).
  • Develop your innate abilities to communicate (feel, hear, see) with the world of higher dimensional Light Beings – Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Beings, etc.
  • Meet your primary Guardian Teams for Healing, Ascension and Protection.
  • Learn about the role of a Lightworker and your partnership between Humanity, the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms.
  • Upgrade the Sovereignty Clause of your Soul Contract.
  • Activate Sacred Space, call in the Power of the Four Directions, open your Soul Star and Earth Star chakras.
  • Journey to the Lower World to connect with Pachamama (Mother Earth/Terra, Gaia), the Devas of the Elemental Kingdom, receive a Power Animal for protection and guidance.
  • Journey to the Upper World to receive a Soul Destiny activation from the Lineage of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Dragons of Light.
  • Learn how to safely track the invisible realms of spirit, interpret both negative and divine energies, symbols, messages from Spirit.
  • Feel empowered to become a Lightworker and an Earthkeeper – in Service to All Life on Mother Earth!
Connect to your Christ Self and I AM Level Presence

Each week is unique and builds on the previous week. The 2+ hour class sessions are held via Zoom and recorded. So if you miss a class, you can review it at a time convenient to you. Join me for this spiritual self-mastery skill building experience, where you will:

  • Understand the different levels of consciousness and intuitive awareness
  • Learn the difference between psychic mediumship (4D psychic/astral level ) and how to pierce the veil to connect with and channel 5D+ Beings of Christ Light
  • Strengthen your connection with your Higher Self (I AM Presence), Spiritual Guardians of the Christ Vibration and above
  • Each class offers a special connecting, clearing and protection meditation
  • Experience a full calling in of the Four Direction, the As-Above and So-Below
  • Learn how to activate Ceremonial Sacred Space – enter the 5D+ Quantum field

Bring a favorite stone (palm size) to be blessed and activated… this will become your “sacred stone” that will hold the energies of the session meditations and all the beautiful Beings of Light you meet and interact with during the course. This will allow you to connect more easily to them during your own meditation practice.

Course Payment Options are listed below.
Course Fee is $330.00/person
* 6 weekly class sessions with 6 weekly practice sessions*
Wednesday evenings at 7:30:00-9:30PM Eastern
Class slide decks, handouts and homework are posted weekly on
Google Docs for easy access and downloads
**Bonus** Receive access to $500 of free pdf books – many are recommended for this course
* Can’t make the class one week? Never miss a class via the Zoom recording *

Repeating students can attend for half price of $165.
Refer one friend and receive an additional discount – refer two and attend for free!

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