Need Immediate Help? Request a Remote Energy Clearing!

! ! PLEase Note: This is NOT the type of request to make for long standing psychic, Entity, negative ET, or black Magic attack ! !

Instead, schedule a shamanic clearing session with me to look into and clear this type of long standing, complex, multi-layered entanglement – thank YOu!

email me if you have any qustions or need a session date or time not listed on my **Schedule a session** link:

Have a Prayer Request? Need an Immediate Energy Clearing?
I AM Available for prayer Requests and Remote Clearings

If you need spiritual or energetic assistance – have a blocked chakra, an entity attachment or psychic cord, these 30 minute remote (no Zoom or one on one time scheduled) will help you in a spiritual emergency.

This is great for existing clients and students to request I tune into them and do any needed clearings and an energetic tune-up, even an upgrade.

This works for new clients as well. This a shorter version of my deeper Energy Clearing sessions. I have found that many people are under psychic attack and need immediate help until I can see them for a full session.

A follow-up energy clearing session, will be required to get to the cause, to clear any outstanding agreements, clear the timeline and heal the point of contact or origination.

For immediate assistance, please check out my Spiritual Tools and First Aid articles :

Reminder: Any Being not of the Christ Light and vibration, trying to influence you or control you is in violation of Sacred, Universal and Cosmic Law – so it can be removed, released and sent into the Lineages of Light.

Depending on the cause or nature of the issue, this will give immediate relief. Sometimes it is more like putting a bandage on a wound that needs more intensive follow up care. We all deserve to go from being negatively influenced to being CLEAR!!

I ask for a $50.00 Donation for this service. I do these clearings within sacred space. Each request takes aprox 30 minutes. Once I am complete, I will email you what was cleared and any relevant information to help you on your spiritual development journey.

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State your Intention and Goal for this clearing. Then outline the situation or issue(s) you are experiencing, include any other details. Be as informatively as possible.

Please stay as neutral as possible and try to refrain from going into a detailed drama or “story”. What is is that you want and need? This is about you and not anyone else.

For more information on my Shamanic Energy Clearing sessions go to:

Note: Energy clearing and prayer intercession offerings are limited to the practice of energy clearing and are not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Psychological issues and medical conditions should be addressed directly by, and treated under the care of your personal physician.

Specific Outcomes Not Guaranteed.

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