Session Offerings – Overview and Approach

I offer three foundational Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions, where we focus on deep energetic housecleaning and upgrades from a multidimensional approach:
Session One: Remove Intrusive Energies, Entities, Clear Psychic Cords and Karmic Attachments
Session Two: Past Lives and Ancestral Bloodline and Timeline Clearings
Session Three: Soul Retrieval and Restoration

The foundation of my healing practice is clairvoyant, shamanic energy work and journeying in the spirit. I involve you, my client, rather than doing the clearing or journey work for you, which is the traditional Shamanic practice.

During each session, we connect with the Star Councils, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Shamanic Lineage Elders, and Sacred Power Animals to assist me to track, identify, clear and release the karmic imprints and negative energies blocking your chakras and energy field.

My healing approach is to align and attune to our combined Highest Sacred Selves, open Sacred Space and call in the Lineages of Light and our Spirit Healing Teams. I use specially initiated medicine stones and crystals in my sessions. We enter into 5th dimensional ceremonial space which is the only way to make true changes in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being.

Through a combination of energy clearing, extraction work, entity and implant removal, ancestral trauma and past life agreement clearing, soul retrievals, recommended nutrition and lifestyle changes – you upgrade your energy vibration and consciousness – to become more emotionally and mentally balanced and grounded. You become more aligned with your Soul Purpose and can more readily tap into your authentic power and creative, spiritual gifts.

For Starseeds, your Star Family will come in and connect with you and provide long awaited connection, assistance, healing, soul attunements, and light body upgrades.

Each session is unique and intuitively guided. The high frequency of our combined 5D+ sacred space container allows for:
…Healing of negative emotions, memories, traumas, energies, and wounded parts from this life or past lives.
…Identifying and clearing psychic cords and old agreements that need to be released with family members, old relationships, ancestors; even negative entities.
…Connecting with a traumatized soul fragment that is ready to be healed and returned to you
…Upgrading your Sovereignty Clause of your Soul Contract
…Connecting with your Guardian Spirit Teams – your Healing, Security, Ascension Teams ready to guide, guard, and protect you.
…Meeting your Guardian Archangel, Star Family, Power Animals, being initiated by the Ascended Masters, awakening your Spiritual Gifts…and more.
…I offer clairvoyant readings and ascension guidance and support in every session.

In summary, I specialize in helping people who want to disconnect from the 3D/4D fear and control matrix, feel clearer, and are free to activate their Soul Mission and Step into Service to All Life.

We can accomplish a lot in one session, but it usually requires 3 sessions to get the densest layers cleared out and complete a Soul Retrieval. After the first session, I will recommend homework and suggest additions/changes to your life style, or spiritual practice. Coaching sessions continue your integration process.

My Self-Mastery course offers you another option to learn how to open your intuitive gifts, connect to your Highest Sacred Self and Spirit Teams, become more discerning of negative energies and learn how to clear them and establish multiple levels of psychic protection.

My sessions average 90 minutes, so I always schedule our time for 2 hours, especially for the first session.
Reminder: The first session is focused on removing intrusive energies, entities, and clearing psychic cords and karmic attachments.

All sessions are held remotely via Zoom. I will send you a follow up email with the Zoom recording link, recommended homework, and other helpful links and information.

Session fees are: $150.
Go to my auto-scheduling calendar to schedule a Shamanic Energy Healing Session:

Once I receive the session notification, I will send you a confirmation email with session prep instructions.

If you have any questions about myself and my integrative energy work, please email me at:

Additionally, I rescue and rehabilitate horses, so I offer demonstrations, sessions and workshops for: “Shamanic Energy Clearing and Chakra Balancing for Horses“.
This works wonders for their PTSD stemming from neglect and abuse.

DISCLAIMER: Shamanic Energy Healing sessions are limited to the practice of energy clearing and healing and are not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Psychological issues and medical conditions should be addressed directly by, and treated under the care of your personal physician.

Specific Outcomes Not Guaranteed.

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