Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions

Oshara StarWolf

I work with ceremonially activated medicine stones and crystals, power animals, Shamanic Elders, Angelic Beings, Ascended Masters and my Star Healing teams.

Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions
This is where we start.
This is the core energy healing session that addresses your current life, past life, ancestral, and soul loss issues.

Oshara StarShaman

I am clairvoyant and can “see” and track – karmic imprints, intrusive energies and entities so they can be safely removed by my Spirit Healing Teams

Upgrade your energy field, upgrade your Life!

This deep energetic clearing process is a powerful way to clear the 4D debris and blocks in your life when you are feeling stuck, fearful, anxious, and repeating negative patterns in your life. You may be going through a big challenge or just want to feel clearer and lighter. This is truly a deep dive into clearing your energy body!

Through powerful and ancient Shamanic and Angelic clearing processes, these sessions clear negative 4D karmic imprints and negative emotions and energies that arise from a stressful 3D life, your awakening and ascension process. We work together to release and remove intrusive energies, psychic cords, psychic attack, attaching entities, old agreements, ancestral trauma that are stored in your energy body and chakras.

Once these energies are cleared, a soul fragment may call us ready to return home to you. So a loving Soul Retrieval and Soul Contract upgrade can be experienced. I close your session with an Illumination to ensure your chakras are aligned, balanced, and re-calibrated with Pure Source Light.

Each session is unique, intuitive and guided by my Spirit Healing Teams. Many of these Light Beings are well known, such as Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, etc. With these powerful Beings assistance, you can shed old patterns, clear negative imprints, release binding agreements that are blocking you. It is not unusual to go 4 levels deep into the clearing process.

For example, I scan your energy field and chakras; one chakra will volunteer to be the clearing house, then the energy work begins:
– Session One: Clear Psychic Cords and Negative Energies (
– Clear the stagnant, old emotional energies, unresolved emotions with current
people, relationships, situations, and events in this lifetime.
– Identify any psychic cords from this lifetime or other lifetimes and timelines –
resolve and remove them.
– Session Two: Ancestral Healing
– Identify any ancestral trauma, curses, old agreements that need to be cleared back
and forward 7 generations and within the bloodline.
– Session Three: Soul Retrieval (
– Retrieve a lost soul fragment and reunite it with your essential self – your Soul

Future sessions: Identify any implants, tags, trackers, etheric dissonance resonating devices that are causing, fear, suppression of your light, repression of your life mission, and just generally tying you into old control programs of lack, scarcity, fear, self-doubt, etc.  This is where the real change occurs for spiritual seekers, starseeds, way showers, planetary light and grid workers.

A shamanic energy healing session is one of the oldest forms of healing. Energy healing acknowledges and works with the more subtle aspects of our nature – our energy field. Contained in this subtle, energetic 4D level is the etheric, mental and emotional bodies, which hold the karmic imprints and lessons that attracts to us what we need to heal in this lifetime.

When you become free of these lower frequency energies, this upgrades the quality of your luminous energy field, which instructs your cells to generate a higher vibration of well-being. You will leave each session clearer, lighter, infused with renewed energy, clarity and peace.

These sessions give you an opportunity to turn your wounds and challenges into sources of wisdom and compassion. You will become aware of the lessons contained in these energetic imprints and receive the gift that will set you free to fulfill your soul mission.

My sessions average 90 minutes, so I always schedule our time for 2 hours, especially for the first session.

All sessions are held remotely via Zoom. I will send you a follow up email with the Zoom recording link, recommended homework, and other helpful information.

Session fees are: $150. Once your session time is confirmed, I will send you the Zoom link, session prep and payment instructions.

Please email me at: for more details or to schedule a session.

Note: These sessions are limited to the practice of energy healing and not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Psychological issues and medical conditions should be addressed directly by, and treated under the care of your personal physician.

Specific Outcomes Not Guaranteed.

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