Lightworker Tools and Spiritual First Aid

This section is devoted to sharing Ascended Master and Shamanic tried and true methods for clearing negative energies and/or entities. Whenever you feel “off” or feel that you may have “taken on” or gottdn “hit” by negative energies, ask yourself, “Am I Clear?”

If you get a “No”, do a clearing using the Violet Flame and the Violet Flame Angels. If you are not sure – always do a clearing. It cannot hurt you. So when in doub, do a clearing!

This is important self-care. You are clearing your energy field, chakras, every cell, atom, and electron of your four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental, and emotional) of anything not of the Light you may have taken on subconsciously.

Once clear, please consider that you need to cultivate a deeper relationship with your own divinity – Your Inner Christ and I AM Presence (individualized God Self in human form). There is information available here on this topic as well.

You may then want to consider upgrading your Sovereignty Clause of your Soul Contract. There are different levels. The first and second levels are listed below. This is a very powerful upgrade that does change your life for the better. We all need to claim that we are Divine, Sovereign, Ascended and Free! Then we need to stand and take action from this center of inner power and knowing.

More helpful and empowering Ascended Master and Shamanic clearing, connecting, protection protocols will be added over time. Please go to my Blog Posts for more information to help you in your spiritual path.

If you need assistance or have any questions that this website does not address, please feel free to email me with your question/s.
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