Seven Chakra Illumination

Luminous Energy Body

Deep Energetic Housecleaning and Chakra Balancing session.
This is a deep cleaning of all 7 physical body related chakras.
It’s like a deep muscle massage for your energy body!

This is an advanced session for clients that want to maintain their energy field’s clarity and freedom. After we have had the foundational 3 shamanic energy clearing/healing sessions, clients move to deeper work, coaching sessions. I also recommend that my clients and students see me every 6 months for one of these deeper level of clearing and energy balancing sessions.

A seven chakra illumination is the perfect spiritual tune-up and deep energetic housecleaning for you when you find yourself:
• Feeling exhausted, stressed, or over-whelmed with all the changes in your life
• Experiencing sadness, depression, anxious, psychic attack, or negative feelings
• Ready for an energetic upgrade of from 3D to 5D – so you can take on more light for yourself and all your Relations

We all have had experiences when we pick up negative energies from our environment, people in our lives, or life experiences. These energies get clogged or impacted in our energy field and chakras and need to be cleared.

Cleansing your chakras is an important self-healing practice. If one of our chakras are blocked or out of alignment, it can hinder your health and well being. Many times we have multiple chakras that clogged and need assistance. Shamans and Yogis believe maintaining the health of your energy body and chakras is just as important as being committed to a healthy diet and physical lifestyle.

After we open sacred space, I will give you a chakra reading to provide insights into the blockages in your chakras and energy field. Then I work with my Spirit Healing Teams to clear your 7 chakras and energy field. I start at the 1st chakra and work my way up. As I clear out a chakra, I may find a psychic cord connected to a person in this life or a past life situation that needs to be cut, after we track to where it originated, so they we can heal the core memory and wound.

I close your session with an Illumination with Pure Source Light to ensure your chakras are aligned, balanced, and recalibrated – everything comes back into harmony and balance within your organizing energy field.

In this way, your energy body upgrades your biology, establishing a higher order of health and well being. You will feel much lighter, peaceful and energized; and able to move forward on your life journey.

This is a game changer and life affirming session!

This is 90 minute session is offered remotely via Zoom. Session fee: $150.
Please email me at: for more details or to schedule a session.

Note: These sessions are limited to the practice of energy healing and not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Psychological issues and medical conditions should be addressed directly by, and treated under the care of your personal physician.

Specific Outcomes Not Guaranteed.

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