StarShaman Life Coaching and Support Sessions

1 hour coaching and support sessions are for existing clients that want to continue building their spiritual empowerment and discernment abilities.

Many of us are being called to upgrade our 3D self to reflect our 5D Divine Self!

I am always honored to provide on-going support, mentoring and coaching after you have completed 3 sessions with me. This ensures that you understand my healing methodologies and approach to self empowerment. You have cleared intrusive energies, helped to heal your ancestors and bloodline, cleared current and past life trauma, released old agreements, experienced a soul retrieval.

You have upgraded your luminous energy field and connected with your I AM Presence, your power animals, and Guardian Healing, Ascension and Destiny Keeper Teams.

These sessions can be weekly or monthly check-in calls via phone or Zoom.
Fee is: $125/hr.

I offer these coaching and support calls for current clients and students only. These sessions are designed to continue support their spiritual growth, answer questions, share additional spiritual practices and, even give homework assignments, which are all centered around the I AM Protocols and the Ascension process.

The next best step is to consider signing up for my popular “Mastery Empowerment – Awaken the Master within You to continue your self-empowerment journey.

This course builds a strong connection with your Christ Light/I AM Presence and Higher Light Teams, deepens your discernment and expands your spiritual authority, so that you can clear and protect yourself during this, sometimes, challenging Planetary Ascension cycle.

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