Three Step Process to ‘Connect, Clear, Protect’ and Seal Yourself in Divine Light

Overview: The secret to maintaining a clear energy field and consciousness is to understand a few simple concepts and then apply the three step protocol outlined below.

If you perform clearing, shielding, even affirmations at the level of normal waking (3D Beta consciousness), you are working within this frequency band and from your lower mental body or your human ego. This part of us is needed for survival and to keep us safe, but not for our spiritual practices.

Our egos are tied into the lower reptilian brain. For example, you can do affirmations every day and feel a bit better, a bit lighter, but you would have to say the same set of affirmations 10,000 times to make a dent in reprogramming your subconscious mind and permanently changing your life while you are in normal waking state vs. a deeper meditative state (Alpha level of consciousness or deeper).

When you take a few minutes every day to connect to the Divinity within your Heart, and move through the invocation of anchoring into your I AM Presence, you can begin to change both your level of awareness, (your energy, vibration, and consciousness (EVC)) and improve the quality of your life on all levels. This needs to be practiced regularly; 5-10 minutes daily is best.

Why? Because it is only within 5D sacred (ceremonial) space that you can begin to co-create with the Divine to truly change or heal yourself. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

Your Human Self, Christ Self, and I AM Presence

To further elaborate, we express at 4 levels of consciousness:
3D – Lower Self = human ego mind – focused on the body, outer world, personalities and events.
4D – Soul Self = 1st level of awareness of energy or spirit. Many people, like myself, who are trained mediums, found out quickly this is not a favored place to hang out. But it is true that here you can reclaim your Soul’s assigned psychic abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and past life memories. Honing these skills to become gifts of Spirit require working with the Ascended Beings in 5th Dimension and above.

While there are positive things about the higher octaves of 4D, we are still placing our attention within the 4D psychic/astral control matrix where the negative energies and entities hang out in the lower octaves of 4D. So have a care! You are not in the clear. Too many of mankind’s karmic debts, fear or trauma based memories, energies and the entities hang out here! Move through this density into 5D – and zoom you are in the realms of Illumined Truth and Eternal Peace!

5D – Higher Self = Christ Level of Consciousness. Gift = Inner Knowing, Intuition, honing your Spiritual Gifts.
5D+ I AM Presence = Over Soul, Individualized spark of the Creator, your Original Self. Gift = Direct Knowing, Downloads, Activations, Initiations

We must learn to tap into the level of Christ Consciousness (5D) to make any changes in our lives or truly connect, clear and set up psychic protection. This process involves these three steps:

  1. Connecting with higher levels of your own consciousness. Manually lifting up your energy vibration and consciousness (EVC) beyond the 3D physical world and the 4D matrix world of psychic/astral debris and collective conscious fear programs and social engineering emotional traps.
  2. Violet Flame clearing needs to be completed before your seal yourself in a protective force field of light. (Sometimes, you need a clearing first, so switch Step 2 to Step 1). Then you can more easily connect with your highest sacred levels of your Divine Presence, especially if you believe you have taken on any negative energies from someone or a place, event or even the media.
    Then you can more easily connect with your highest sacred levels of your Divine Presence, especially if you believe you have taken on any negative energies from someone or the environment.)
  3. Protecting or shielding yourself in an invincible field of protection. This allows you to go about your daily life in 3D with a much higher quality experience of clarity, peace and true free will choice.

The guided visualization below is spoken in the first person to act as a guide for you to speak out loud and make it your own. This is a script to get your started, so please elaborate or streamline as you are guided. Have fun, get into it! You will be rewarded!
I guarantee it!

Focus your attention on your breath – take 2 or 3 relaxing breaths to center and ground yourself into Mother Earth. Then direct your breath to be flow deeply into the Divinity of your own Heart Center to begin to connect with higher levels of your own consciousness. This is an inside job. We are not calling on Spirit Guides to do this for us.

Breathe Love into your Master Chakra – Your Heart Center
  1. “I anchor my attention into the three-fold flame within my heart. The Yellow (Illumination, Divine Wisdom), Pink (Divine Love), Blue (Divine Will) blazes forth now.
Three fold Flame in the Heart
  • I direct this beautiful three-fold flame to expand in, through, and around my energy field, to circulate throughout my chakras and meridians. (My energy, vibration, and consciousness (EVC) immediately shifts from 3D to 4D to my Soul Self level.)
  • I now I invoke my inner Christ self – the indwelling Master and Mediator of my Human and Divine Self (this shifts me higher into 4D-5D consciousness and I pierce the 4D matrix and begin to tap into the heavenly realms of boundless splendor).
  • I now lift up higher and invoke my I AM Presence (this shifts me higher into 5D and beyond).
  • I affirm I am One with and unified with my I AM Presence (this seals me within the quantum realms of 5D Divine Christed Light).
  • Clear with the Limitless Power of Transformation of the Violet Flame
  • I call to the Violet Flame from the very heart of Mother/Father God,
  • Through the Cosmic and Solar Beings of the 7th Ray, I invoke the full gathered momentum of the 5th dimensional, crystalline, solar Violet Flame.
The 5th Dimensional Violet Flame in Action
  • Through the power and permission of my I AM Presence I call to Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Holy Amethyst to cleanse and purify my 4 lower bodies – my physical, etheric, mental, emotional levels of being from any and all negative energy, entities, vibration and consciousness, in, through, around or driven against me.
  • I call to the Angels of the Blue Flame serving under Archangel Michael to assist me to “cut me free” (say “cut me free” 3 times) and dissolve any and all psychic bonds and karmic ties between me and any person, place, condition, or thing that is no longer serving my highest good, and the fulfillment of my Divine Plan for which I embodied.
  • I now ask the Violet Flame to clear all my chakras and meridians of anything less than God’s Perfect Light.
  • I ask the Violet Flame to move deeply into every cell, atom and electron, particle, and sub-particle of my Being and cleanse anything less than God’s perfection at the deepest levels.
  • The Violet Flame now transforms and transmutes all of these energies across all timelines, lifetimes, dimensions, and realities back to their cause, core, record, memory, and origination to the Heart of God.  
  • So be it! And so it is!! AMEN!
  • I now fill the vacuum created by the Violet Flame clearing to be filled with Christ Light, Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Perfect Health and Wholeness, Abundance, all the Divine Qualities I need most at this time.
Column of Golden, White, Christed Crystalline Light
  • Sealing myself in an Invincible Field of Protection
  • I relax in the knowing that I am protected, as I draw down around me, my I AM consciousness field of invincible protection of the Golden, White, Christed, Crystalline Light.
  • This flows down to me from the Office of the Christ, in through and around me now.
  • I AM sealed in Christ Light.
  • I AM a pure crystal of light on Earth.
  • I now open and activate my Soul Star (8th Chakra – 6-8 inches above my head) and with my hands/arms draw it down around me to connect to my Earth Star Chakra (6-8 inches below my feet). I send it further down into the heart of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and her 5D crystalline grids to ground me and anchor me within the Divine Earth Mother within this Christed Container of Light.
  • I ask Mother Earth to send the beautiful energies of her 5D crystalline grids of light to come up and surround me up to my heart center.
  • This is now a 4th layer level of protection: I AM (highest human expression), Office of the Christ (Angelic Kingdom), Soul Star Activation, and Mother Earth’s Crystalline Grids (Elemental Kingdom).
  • I now reach up and invoke the Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth – Grandfather Sun, The Shamans of Light, my Star Family, my Healing, Security and Protection Teams, along with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom that wish to watch over me. Thank you Mother Father God!

You now are fully protected, sealed in the Christ Light and released from the 4D Control Matrix. Congratulations! Good Work! Amen! Aho!

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