Invitation to Gather with me for a Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony –
Wednesday, December 20th at 7:30PM Eastern US
Join our global Soul Tribe online for special celebration of Light Fire Ceremony.

Winter Solstice is a time of rejuvenation and strengthening of our inner Light.
In ceremony we consciously take time to ground, center and align with our own Divinity and the Sacred Energies, Powers and Light Teams that love & support us!
We consciously let go of our limited beliefs and stories.
We contemplate the year that has swiftly gone by with gratitude.
Together we dream the New Earth and its positive timeline into being.
Let us continue to share, care, heal, love, and support one another.
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Yay! You found me!
Welcome, Welcome!!

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How can I be of Service to your Healing and/or Spiritual Growth Journey?

What are my sessions like?

  • My sessions are a blend of energy clearing methods combined with quantum light work. I am experienced with clearing past/present/future/parallel lifetimes and timelines and all types of intrusive energies and negative entities.
  • I work with powerful Healing, Ascension and Security/Protection 5D+ Light Teams – Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Beings.
  • As a Pleiadean Starseed, I bring a wealth of experience from this life and other lifetimes as a Light Warrior, High Priestess, Healer, and Galactic Federation Ambassador.
  • My sessions are guided by my psychic, clairvoyant, and intuitive skills that were fully activated from a NDE at age 16.
  • Each session is unique and is a synthesis of some of the best energy healing systems I’ve encountered such as: various schools of Shamanic energy clearing and journeying, Mediumship, Lightbody Activation, Quantum healing, Crystal and Medicine Stone work, Emotional Healing and Spiritual Deliverance, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery and Breath work.

Why work with me?

  • Working with a clairvoyant energy healer can jump start your clearing and healing process.
  • Since I am a multi-dimensional Channel and Seer; I am shown by my Higher Light Teams what you need to clear, such as: old agreements/contracts, karmic imprints, stuck energies and attaching cords and/or entities, ancestral timeline healing, soul restoration/healing of soul fragments.
  • The invisible 4D pyschic/astral level is where the clearing work needs to be done. Any intrusive energies can be extracted and released back to Source.
  • When we clear your 4D energetic blocks, karmic imprints, current life, past life and ancestral trauma, and limiting patterns that no longer serve your highest good and spiritual evolution, we earn the privilege of holding more 5D multi-dimensional energies on 3D/4D Earth…
  • This type of quantum lightwork allows for deep energetic housecleaning. Once cleared, your luminosity increases to allow you to hold more Light in your energy field, which flows into your cells and upgrades your physical body.
  • As we upgrade our own bodies and improve the quality of our lives, we automatically have a positive impact on our communities, the collective consciousness of humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

Embody your Soul Consciousness
In this time of personal and planetary transformation, I offer Soul healing and restoration sessions. As we awaken, many Starseeds, Intuitives, Energy

Healers, Lightworkers, Truth and Ascension Seekers, need guidance on how to move out of our 3D human ego concerns and see the bigger picture of your true Soul Purpose and reason for embodying.
Restoring your Soul to greater wholeness will allow you to reclaim your Soul memories; to activate your Soul Gifts: which frees your heart, transforms and upgrades your energy field, chakras and brings clarity to your human life path.

Connect to your Inner Christ Light!

Discover the Beauty and Power of Sacred Space

I work with the Shamanic Lineages of Light, Galactic Healing Teams, Ascended Masters, Archangels to create Sacred Space* where you can bring your life challenges and issues to be resolved.

* Sacred space is a quantum crystalline field of Light and Divine Intelligence which opens up and expands your energy field, allowing me to “see” the negative imprints in your energy field and help you release and transmute them.

I help my clients clear their luminous energy field & chakras of intrusive energies/entities/implants, resolve ancestral or past life trauma, retrieve lost soul parts, release blocks and old agreements and restore your Soul and upgrade Soul Contract*.

* Upgrading your Soul Contract, is another way to upgrade your energy field so you can transition out of the 3D/4D matrix and hold the ascension frequencies of higher light codes.

Star Lineage Attunements can be integrated into a session for those who want to reconnect to their Star Family.

I offer you a safe, sacred space to heal wherever you are located…

While all my sessions are done remotely via Zoom, you are held within 5D Ceremonial Sacred Space – located in the safety of the Nature Kingdom. You are working with an Energy Practitioner who lives surrounded by Nature and beautiful forest (Standing Tree Nation) of Pine and Oak, along with rescued horses, dogs and cats and a multitude of wildlife. They offer their love and healing energies, too. I also use the power of awakened medicine stones and crystals to activate the energetic healing process.

Pachamama’s (Mother Earth) Elemental Kingdom and the Devas of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms offer their sweet medicine to you for your highest and best healing experience. You are safe, protected and loved!

We are all One within the Heart of Great Spirit, Pachamama, the Elemental Kingdom and her Four Worlds – Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human!

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