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How do I know where to start?

  • Working with a clairvoyant energy healer can jump start your clearing and healing process.
  • The Galactic Healing Teams and Beings of Light are standing by to help…I know how to call them in…And they always come when I call!
  • The invisible “4D” level is where the psychic/astral clearing work needs to be targeted, so you can more easily hold 5D+ frequencies of Quantum Christed Light in the cells of your body and your energy field.
  • When we clear your 4D energetic blocks, karmic imprints, current life, past life and ancestral trauma, and limiting patterns that no longer serve your highest good and spiritual evolution, we earn the privilege of holding 5D Ascended energies on 3D/4D Earth
  • And we upgrade our lives, our communities, and the collective consciousness of humanity!
Oshara StarShaman
Connect to your inner Christ Self and I AM Presence

As-Above to So-Below…
* I invite the Sacred Powers, Beings of Light, Star Beings, Archangels, Ascended Masters to create 5D sacred space.
* This crystalline field of Light allows me to see the negative imprints in your energy field and helps you release and transmute them.
* This will dramatically upgrade your energy field so you can transition out of the 3D maze/4D matrix and hold the ascension frequencies of higher light codes.

Is Spirit Calling you?

I offer powerful channeled energy healing experiences for Awakening people from all walks of life, Starseeds, Intuitives, Energy Healers, Lightworkers, Truth and Ascension Seekers, who are called to step-up and answer Spirit’s invitation to change, heal, transform, and upgrade their 3D/4D energies in their body, mind, emotions and consciousness.

In order to take one higher 5D+ Codes of Light, you must clear the karmic and ancestral debris within your 3D/4D frequency band.

Discover the Beauty and Power of Energy Healing

I work with Shamanic Lineages of Light, Galactic Star Healing Teams, Archangels, Ascended Masters to create sacred space where you can bring your life challenges and issues to be resolved.

I help my clients clear their luminous energy field & chakras of intrusive energies/entities/implants, resolve ancestral or past life trauma, retrieve lost soul parts, release blocks and old agreements and upgrade soul contracts, as well as as connect with their power animals for guidance and protection.

Star Lineage Atunements are offered to Starseeds and others who want to reconnect to their Galactic Star Family.

I offer you a safe, sacred space to heal wherever you are located…

While all my sessions are done remotely via Zoom, you are held within 5D Sacred Space – located in the safety of the Nature Kingdom. You are working with an awakened Pleiadian Starseed who lives surrounded by a beautiful forest of Pine and Oak, in the company of rescued horses, dogs and cats. They offer their love and healing energies. I also use the power of awakened medicine stones and crystals to activate the energetic healing process.

Grandmother Earth’s Elemental Kingdom and the Devas of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms offer their sweet medicine to you for your highest and best healing experience. You are safe, protected and loved!
We are all One within the Heart of Great Spirit, Pachamama, the Elemental Kingdom and her Four Worlds – Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human!

Questions? Contact me via email: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com