Clear Past Lives, Ancestral Trauma, Negative Timelines

Clear Past Lives, Ancestral Trauma, and Negative Timelines
Helpful ancestral grandmothers

Past, Present, Parallel and Future Lives: In our work together we are often guided to clear multiple lives where there is a recurring issue. This can require releasing old vows, promises and agreements with any person place, place, condition or timeline that is not of the Light and somehow holding you back or even captured you energetically in a negative timeline and its collective karma.

Energy healing sessions are the perfect modality for accessing your past, parallel and future life timelines, provide the means to clear old vows, promises, agreements made during darker times in human history where we may have been coerced or experienced trauma or great loss that impacted our eternal soul. This negative karma and soul loss can be cleared with the various Healing and Star Council Teams, who have volunteered to do this work for humanity.

Ancestral Healing: None of us expect to encounter unwelcome interference or energetic blockages from our past lives or our current life and our ancestral bloodline trauma. Unless your ancestors have fully passed into the higher realms of Source Light, by completing their life review and had time to heal and be restored in the Christed Light – they cannot be considered proper spirit allies. They need to become liberated souls, “dancing in the light” – so they do no longer project their negative karma, or pain and suffering onto you.

In order to trust our ancestral spirits, we must often heal our ancestral lineages in order to help them become strong allies that can stand behind and guide us forward…help us make wise life decisions and provide strength and support in tough times.

That is why it is important to provide healing opportunity for any negative ancestors who did not cross fulling into the Light or are stuck in different realities and timelines. It may also help in clearing negative imprints which may be attached to certain bloodlines due to their history from events that took place during their lifetime.

Shamanic energy healing sessions are the perfect modality for accessing your ancestors, checking in on them and providing the means to heal them of curses from vows, promises, old agreements made during times of trauma or just old ways of operating that were based in fear, scarcity, social customs, limiting beliefs, etc.

Ancestral healing is a very critical part of our personal healing journey. Many of our ancestors were strong, loving, honest, hard working people that we can feel proud of. For some of us, our ancestors where witness or directly impacted by the atrocities of war, famine, and all sorts of negative and traumatic events that becomes part of the ancestral memory and ancient agreements, that are out of context to our modern age, but have been passed to future generations.

In such cases, as long as these agreements are in play, present generations get to spend their lives repaying a debt that they know nothing about. Even the Bible speaks of these inter-generational contracts when it teaches that it takes seven generations to repay the sins of the father. Your higher self, your spirit guides and allies that are of highest consciousness and light, can offer you assistance to heal your ancestors when you are ready to take a stand for your past generations. You can be free of replaying your ancestral karma (called a karmic loop), free of a ancestral constellation that entangles past present and future generations, based on an old contract with negative beings or organizations.

Based upon the issues that your bring to your first session, we can check into the need for ancestral healing. But the first session is best used to focus on clearing your energy field of any intrusive energies, negative entities, current life trauma or karma; even past life trauma can come up at this time.

Then in the second session, we have a clearer field to hone in on your karmic liabilities and ancestral or bloodline trauma, curses, old agreements that need to be cleared at least 7 generations back and forward and within the bloodline. This session clears the deeper karmic liabilities and negative ties and old, ancient agreements you’ve been carrying, and actually agreed to clear, for your own and your ancestors healing.

It’s very empowering to fulfill this part of your Soul Contract, so you can move forward to fulfill your true Soul Mission.

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DISCLAIMER: Energy clearing sessions are limited to the practice of working on the energy body and are not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Psychological issues and medical conditions should be addressed directly by, and treated under the care of your personal physician.

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