Online Monthly Fire Ceremony Gathering

Invitation to Gather with me for a Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony –
Wednesday, December 20th at 7:30PM Eastern US
Join our global Soul Tribe online for special celebration of Light Fire Ceremony.

Winter Solstice is a time of rejuvenation and strengthening of our inner Light.
In ceremony we consciously take time to ground, center and align with our own Divinity and the Sacred Energies, Powers and Light Teams that love & support us!
We consciously let go of our limited beliefs and stories.
We contemplate the year that has swiftly gone by with gratitude.
Together we dream the New Earth and its positive timeline into being.
Let us continue to share, care, heal, love, and support one another.
Please send me an email at: and I will send
you the Zoom link.

Below is the list of supplies you can gather as you prepare for my guided Indoor Candle Fire Ceremony. When we gather we will open sacred space together, so there is no additional preparations required. I’ll see you around the “fire”! 🙂

Use a candle contained in a glass, metal, ceramic container. Have your toothpicks and a bowl of salt available. Bring a favorite stone too.

Supplies for Oshara StarShaman’s Indoor Candle Fire Ceremony
Candle – use a candle in a glass, metal, or ceramic container to protect you, in case you drop the toothpick into the candle. (Not a stand-alone pillar, tiny votive or taper stick candle)
Larger toothpicks – the bigger the better, you will need a minimum of 6 (have some extras available)
Optional: Bowl of Salt – used to drop your toothpick into when burned down.
Optional: Favorite Stone – used to support you in the ceremony. There is a beautiful way to program your stone after you open Sacred Space. During the Zoom session, I will show you how to use your intention and breath to awaken and initiate your stone so that it not only holds the ceremonial energy, but it also protects you.

Note: If you choose to use a stone, please be aware that over time and with repeated use, the quanta of Divine Intelligence blown into the stone, grows and expands to become a trusted, sacred ally or medicine stone. Ceremonial 5D Space is the best way to do this. Your stones love to work with awakened humans. Hold them and listen to it within your heart, they can tell you how best to use and work with them.

Overview of Shamanic Fire Ceremonies
In the West, we use prayer to speak to God. In the East, meditation is the practice used to listen to God. For thousands of years, Shamans use journeying and fire ceremonies to transform, heal and commune with Great Spirit, the Lineages of Light that support them, their power animals and all the sacred energies and powers of the Four Directions.

A fire ceremony is an intentional event to celebrate and honor the sacred. It allows for rapid transformation. It provides the avenue to honor your lessons and release whatever is taking up space within in that has become a burden to carry, such as: limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, negative emotions, even physical pain. The alchemical process burns through the dense energies, enabling you to heal deeply at a Soul level.

Shamans gather at their fires to create ceremonial space, to step into sacred time and experience the infinite. We can follow their roadmap and use fire ceremonies to expand our own light bodies and tune our inner senses to feel our connection to All Life. We realize that everything, all life is sacred. We can be in ceremony any time we choose. For example, we can light a candle each evening before we retire for the evening and give away whatever we feel we need with unconditional love and forgiveness. This can help shift you paradigm about releasing heavy energy and detach you from any rules required to do powerful clearing and releasing processes.

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Additional Perspective offered by Oshara StarShaman

We live in a modern culture that has taken the spirit out of everyday life; out of all matter. Rocks, trees, plants, mountains and rivers have become inanimate objects to use as resources for our comfort and survival.

While an outside fire ceremony is one of the core rituals in many Shamanic traditions, an indoor fire ceremony can be just as powerful. In today’s world, we can connect with each other from all over the world, via a Zoom virtual indoor candle fire ceremony.

We do not have to be limited by distance, time zones, nor be affected by the weather or fire permits. It is always fun to gather with like minded people, whether virtually or in person, to celebrate our becoming more illuminated, more attuned to the Spiritual and Elemental World during the Full or News Moons, or the Equinoxes or Solstices.

Note: If you want to time your fire ceremony with the Full Moon (outside or inside), it is best held within the window of 3 days before to 3 days after the full moon of each month. This is when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest. The Shamans around the world gather to do various ceremonies and dream a better world into being. Joining with them in energy, vibration and consciousness really amps up the power of the fire ceremony experience!

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White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Sacred Pipe

Hosting your own Fire Ceremony for Others

For my monthly Fire Ceremonies, I follow an ancient Shamanic roadmap combined with Ascended Master teachings. We activate sacred space with the power of the Four Directions and the As-Above and So-Below.

Perhaps you too, are aligned the American Natives teachings and the great Earth Keeper – White Buffalo Calf Woman, and their Four Directions roadmap (see example images above and below).

Each direction offers unique energies that focus on certain aspects of our being. For example, one shamanic lineage I work with begins their calling in of sacred space in the East = Fire/Spirit, the place of Illumination and Enlightenment ), South = Water/emotions, West = Earth/physical, North = Air/Knowledge and Wisdom. (always moving clock-wise)

There are also ancient Celtic, Druid, Alchemist teachings on creating sacred space with the four directions. Rather than aligning with power animals (and the archetypes they represent), these teaching align with Angelic and other powerful Beings of Light.

The South American Shaman’s (Amazon and Andean) Shaman’s Fire Ceremonies follow a slightly different roadmap with their Four Directions and Power Animals. They begin in the: South = Earth/physical, West = Water/emotions, North = Fire/Soul and Sacred Ancestors, and East = Air/Spirit and Destiny. Their roadmap offers a powerful alchemy for transformation I have used many times.

I outline the calling in of the South American Shaman’s Four Directions and creating sacred space for your Fire Ceremony below.

Before you begin, be sure you are connected and energetically aligned with the sacred archetypes for each direction: South: Serpent, West: Jaguar, North: Hummingbird or Owl, East: Eagle or Condor.

As a group leader, prior to the ceremony, I recommend that you stop and check within and allow you Heart Center to create a strong intention for the ceremony. For example, it might go something like this: “I will call in sacred space and hold these sacred powers, energies and archetypes for my group with a loving heart and with integrity, allowing others to heal and transform their lives, in alignment with their Highest and Best Good. God/Goddess/Great Spirit’s Will Be Done! Aho!”

After sacred space is activated, tune into the group’s energy. Use your intuition to guide you through the “give-away” or release process for each direction. Reminder: This is a wonderful opportunity to step into service for others, Mother Earth and the Elemental Kingdom.

The Andean Shamans teachings provide a powerful context for changes, transformation and healing within the familiar map of the Four directions. When you step into the role of a leader, you are there to help your “Tribe” remember who they are. They are not their stories, pain or wounds. The beauty of Fire Ceremonies is that it helps people get back in touch with the their own divinity and the inner power to change their own lives – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

After the ceremony, participants auras are brighter and clearer. Every ceremony allows them to become more luminous. Their bodies respond positively and people are often guided to make positive changes to upgrade their diet and adopt more healthy life habits.

Activating your Group’s Ceremonial Sacred Space

Everyone joining the ceremony needs to be part of the ceremonial space for safety and protection and to take advantage of the power of 5D quantum ceremonial energies. It is within this 5D sacred container where lower 3D (physical) and 4D (false beliefs and negative emotions) can be cleansed and transformed – given away to the powerful fire element.

As you move through each direction; you move through each level or perception. You will begin in the South when using the South American Shaman’s Fire Ceremony protocol.

1. South Direction: Physical level – Rainbow Serpent. Teaches us to value the time we come together to sit by the fire to help create change within ourselves. As we change and heal ourselves, we heal and upgrade the collective consciousness of humanity.
2. West Direction: Emotional level – Jaguar. Teaches us to come to the fire with open hearts and minds, regardless of how emotionally stressed and overwhelmed we are with the state of the world.
3. North Direction: Soul level – Hummingbird. Teaches us to come together with the highest intents for ourselves and others to fulfill our Soul Mission.
4. East Direction: Spirit level – Eagle of the North/Condor of the South. Teaches us to pay attention to the bigger picture and be willing to add our love and light to dream a better world into being.

Below are the detailed instructions for “Opening Sacred Space“, conducting the indoor candle fire ceremony ritual, closing sacred space and what to expect afterwards. The instructions and choreography for an Outdoor Fire ceremony are a bit different, but general guidelines apply for both Indoor and Outdoor Fire Ceremonies.

  • Open Sacred Space
    Light your candle and have your toothpicks ready – these become your “Spirit Arrows” and represent anything within you that needs to be honored in order for you to let go of whatever you’ve identified within your heart that you no longer need to hold on to.
  • There are the 4-7 sets of offerings you will make to your fire (candle flame), which serves to focus your attention in this type of active meditation.
  • Before entering into the fire ceremony with yourself and others, take a few centering, grounding, cleansing breaths and connect with your Highest Sacred Self.
  • Open Sacred Space by calling in the Four Direction’s sacred powers and energies. Use the link provided here for how to call in the Four Directions and Open Sacred Space.
  • Open your Wiracocha – bring your hands up above your head to your 8th chakra – called your Soul Star chakra (Golden Ball of Divine consciousness 6-8 inches above your head). Use your hands to touch into it and then with your hands, lower your arms, bring it down around you. Visualize it draped around your energy field down to the floor or Earth
  • Now you are being held within sacred, ceremonial space. You have stepped out of time and are tapping into the 5th dimensional realms of Higher Light and Illumined Truth where true change and healing can occur.
Mandala Fire Ceremony

Now the Fire Ceremony begins – in the South Direction:
South is the place where we release and shed our past stories, anything taking up space within us that no longer serves our highest and best good…anything that blocks
our Spiritual Light and Luminosity. Here we can upgrade our physical health and wellness.

Power Animal: Rainbow Serpent sees through eyes that do not judge. “It is what it is”.

Select one old story, an old pain or injury, a block you want to release to the energies of the South tonight.
Take your toothpick, visualize what you want to release. Use your breath – blow 1 to 3 things you want to release into the toothpick.
Your intention and breath are key here. Make sure they are strong!
Then put the toothpick to the flame and release it with unconditional love and forgiveness. Let the toothpick burn completely out and place it in your salt dish.

Our Fire’s can be a thing of Beauty!

Next we move clockwise to the West Direction:
West is the place where we address our psychological conditioning and emotional wounds – current, past life and ancestral trauma bonds that need to be released with love and forgiveness so that it does not “inform” our present thoughts and emotional quality of life.
Power Animal: Jaguar sees the world through eyes that refuse to see what everyone else is seeing. She knows nothing is exactly as it appears to be. She sees through the egos, personalities, deception without judgment.

Select a limiting belief, an emotional wound or trauma, or an old relationship you want to release to the energies of the West tonight.
Take your toothpick, visualize what you want to release. Use your breath – blow 1 to 3 things you want to release into the toothpick.
Your intention and breath are key here. Make sure they are strong!
Then put the toothpick to the flame and release it with unconditional love and forgiveness. Let the toothpick burn completely out and place it in your salt dish.

Honor the Light from Grandfather Sun contained within the flame of your candle.

Next we move clockwise to the North Direction:
North is the place of the Soul and the Hero’s Journey. It is the place of “Yes!”
Here is where you connect with the Ancient Ones, Wisdom Keepers and Earth Keepers that hold sacred knowledge and wisdom.
Power Animal: Hummingbird sees everything exactly as it is. She invites you to go for the nectar and beauty of life, to answer the Call of Spirit

Select an old agreement, one secret you’ve been keeping from yourself, a problem you keep circling around and to release to the energies of the North tonight.
Take your toothpick, visualize what you want to release. Use your breath – blow 1 to 3 things you want to release into the toothpick.
Your intention and breath are key here. Make sure they are strong!
Then put the toothpick to the flame and release it with unconditional love and forgiveness. Let the toothpick burn completely out and place it in your salt dish.

We invite the Winged Ones to come be with us in your Fire Ceremony!

Next we move clockwise to the East Direction:
East represents Pure Spirit – Oneness with all Our Relations. It is the place of the rising Sun, the Gateway of Illumination and Enlightenment. Here we align with God’s Divine Will and surrender to the purpose for which we embodied.
Power Animal: Eagle of the North, Condor of the South, the Winged Ones see everything – the curvature of the Earth and the smallest details of the ground below.
Select a role in your life you would like to transcend, an aspect of yourself you are attached to or over-identified with, or something you feel “fated” to fulfill that keeps you from fulfilling your own Destiny that you want to release to the energies of the East tonight.
Take your toothpick, visualize what you want to release. Use your breath – blow 1 to 3 things you want to release into the toothpick.
Your intention and breath are key here. Make sure they are strong!
Then put the toothpick to the flame and release it with unconditional love and forgiveness. Let the toothpick burn completely out and place it in your salt dish.

Optional: Soul Sticks One and Two
As you moved through the four directions, blowing the things you want to give-away or release in your life, you now understand the process.

1. You may feel that you left something out, so this is your opportunity to blow anything and everything you feel called within your Soul or True Self to fully release in your life.

2. If you feel complete in your “give-aways”, this is the opportunity to blow anything and everything you want to reclaim or welcome back into your life into this stick.

Stick 1: Blow in your final give-aways that you want to release.
Stick 2: Blow in your intention and prayers of reclamation and wholeness.
Really go for it! Honor the multi-dimensional being that you are.
Then place Soul Stick One into your candle’s flame. Let the toothpick burn completely out before continuing. Breathe deeply – Tune into the deeply powerful cleansing energies of the fire.
Lastly, put Soul Stick Two into your candle’s flame. Let the toothpick burn completely out before continuing. Breathe deeply – Tune into the auspicious reclamation energies. And allow yourself to have all the new empty spaced filled with ceremonial Light.

Optional: Pachamama Stick
Prayer for Mother Earth (Pachamama), the Elemental Kingdom and all life abiding here.
We will use one Spirit Arrow from the Leader  (or yourself) to represent the group’s Pachamama stick.

The Pachamama stick is held up for everyone (or just yourself) to blow one blessing into, to capture individual prayers for Earth Mother.
Then the Leader takes the prayers to the fire to be released as a blessing to Mother Earth – from our Hearts to Hers’. Aho!

Close Sacred Space
As we close the fire ceremony, we must remember to give thanks to our Higher Selves that brought us to the ceremony, all the beautiful Beings of Light, the sacred energies and powers that helped us on our healing journey today and release them all back to the Light from which they came.
We open our eyes, Breathe deeply, Smile…
We do what we need to do to ground back into our bodies, into the Earth…
Then we close our Wiracocha (Soul Star) and find a way to gently extinguish our candle rather than blow it out. Best to do this by putting a cover over the flame so it will naturally go out rather than blowing on it.
There is a two-week period following a fire ceremony in which “instances of opportunity” appear. These “instances” provide the opportunity to translate your intent for healing into reality.
You are advised to think of the fire ceremony not as an instantaneous magical change, but rather an opening for healing distinctive habits and patterns. Recognize these “openings” and seize the opportunity to change your behavior in the real world. Make new choices consciously. Then let the benevolent Universe take care of the details. Aho!

I host monthly online Indoor Candle Fire Ceremonies for friends, clients, students and other like-minded people around the world. These Fire Ceremonies are typically held on the evening of or the Wednesday or Friday evening nearest the Full Moon at 7:30PM Eastern
Please email me at: so I can send you the Zoom link.