Organic Ascension Guidelines

Ascension Roadmap for lifting your energy, vibration and consciousness.


Globally, humanity is currently experiencing a period of profound Awakening. The consciousness of our planet is shifting and many people are tuning into themselves for answers. Awakening and Ascension is an inside job, so we all must learn the meditation and prayer techniques that align us with our Soul, Higher Self and Guardian Spirit Team. 


This is the time when we truly express our Soul in human form. We are currently acclimating to higher states of awareness that will allow for a more authentic expression of your innate talents, abilities and gifts. Ascension is about integrating higher frequencies of Universal energies impacting and raising our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of Being.

The above diagram is a simple way to depict what happens when you create sacred space via meditation, prayers, and invocations to purposely raise your energy, vibration and consciousness. The intention is to tap into the 5th dimensional frequencies of Christ Light and Illumined Truth. Just the simple act of invoking your Highest, Sacred Self raises your vibration. Doing this before you settle into your morning or evening meditation develops a strong connection to the Divine Intelligence governing your life. Then, over time, your spiritual practice allows your energy field, pineal gland and chakras to absorb this higher frequency energy. This then translates itself into your physical cells and DNA, which upgrades your physical health, as you take on more Light.

The Pleiadian approach to spirituality involves full-body, cellular enlightenment and/or ascension. In other words, the goal is not to leave your body and transcend the physical; the goal-is to transcend your belief in and fear of the limitations of the physical plane. You accomplish this by spiritually descending into matter fully for the purpose of clearing lower-frequency energies such as repressed emotions, belief systems, judgments, control, and other contracted energies that are the source of limitation in the third dimension. As this is done, you make way for your Higher Self to completely blend with you, as the Christ, Quan Yin, and Buddha did. This results in full-chakra, cellular enlightenment or ascension.”
Channeled by the Pleiadians through Amorah Quan Yin

What is the Organic or Natural Ascension Process?
It is an accelerated period of human and planetary evolution. In this Ascension cycle, everything in the Universe is evolving and ascending to higher states of reality, as is the Earth and all her Lifeforms. In this cycle we, as a species, are ready to take the next step in our evolution to become part of the Galactic family of Light.

Right now we are in a period of great transition and upgrades. The state of any planet is always a reflection of the consciousness of its people. The polarity always deepens before the breakthrough of mass consciousness change. The negativity and darkness must be recognized and brought to the Light to be healed and transmuted back into the Light from which everything originates.

Everyday people are awakening and taking personal responsibility for their own awakening and healing process. Hearts are being opened, moved, changed, and quickened by the light of the cosmic rays bombarding this planet. This is an energetic, consciousness, and biological upgrade.

Please see 10 Ascension Guidelines below for your consideration. These are concepts and practices I have been applying to by spiritual practice, personal growth and ascension process since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence – which really kicked off the global ascension process for many of us “First Wavers”.

If you have questions or need assistance in your Ascension journey, please reach out to me. This is part of my overall Soul Contract – to ensure that as many humans awaken, heal, and connect to their highest soul expression in this life – where you recognize yourself as a Divine Being of Light. Welcome to the the natural paradise Ascension Timeline!

#1. Ascension is an inside job.
The ascension journey begins by going within – making a conscious choice to Awaken with the willingness to do your part to assist your fellow humans in the global ascension process.

Humanity’s free will is a huge game changer! I believe that those of us who have awakened and are serving the Light have already chosen on a Soul level to ascend. It actually why we came here in mass and woke up earlier than the masses. Its empowering to consciously connect with this inner choice and feel it come alive in your heart and put a smile on your face 🙂

For the second part, all you need is an open mind, loving heart, and pure intent. Set the intent to contact only benevolent beings of light in service to humanity and the Earth.

The heart knows the ascension path and is guided by your Soul, which sits next to your heart. You access the Creator through your heart. It is the homing device given to us by Divine Design to help use navigate back to our original 5th dimensional Angelic Human template and Christed consciousness.

Many reading this article, have already changed your relationship with the ego mind. It has been very committed to keeping you safe all this time, and now its job needs to change. The ego still has a job to do; but its purpose is to assist you in organizing things in your life, doing tasks, and generally keeping 3D things in order – not to run your life.

Every time your ego is worrying or afraid, trying to work things out, just bring your hand down onto your hear center, bring your consciousness to where your hand is, and take a few deep breaths. You will experience a change in the feelings you are having. You will feel calmer and less agitated because worry and fear does not exist within your heart. This simple act brings you into the present moment. This slows us down, de-stresses us, and releases endorphins.

#2. Ascension is a partnership between you – your Higher Self, Soul, Ascension Team and Gaia!
It is very simple to create a daily practice where you invoke your Highest Sacred Self, I AM Presence, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Ascension and Healing Teams – and all the Beings of Light that “Love you for Always since Always“. Ask them to gather with you to create a protected sacred space where you can bring your questions, life challenges and issues to be resolved by these beautiful Beings of Light. Your Spiritual support team will help you activate and shift your vibration from denser 3D into higher 5D – 12D states of Divine Light and Love. They will guide to release any 4D energies, no longer serving you.

#3. Ascension is a journey not a destination – same with 3D – 5D and beyond. We are multi-dimensional beings and many of us are already living in 4D, 5D , 6D states of consciousness. Those that have done the work, make it easier for the rest to follow.

The true gateway to you experiencing 5D consciousness is yourself. Your path to Ascension is determined by your actions in the here and now. It relies on you doing your inner work daily, striving to be a better version of yourself and raising your vibration.

As someone aware of the Ascension, you have a significant role in facilitating the shift to 5D consciousness that is taking place. So many people I talk to are feeling the call to be a Lightworker and really be on the front line assisting the healing of the collective consciousness and raising of vibration on this planet. There are many online resources about how to invoke and hold the Light – let yourself explore this information. Your Guides will assist you to find right teachers, invocations, and Lightworker techniques.

#4. Ascension is a frequency alignment – Ascension is activated by being in the Love Vibration!
When you meditate, pray and use higher light invocations you come into alignment with the frequency of the Angels and Higher Light Beings. Its that easy, so do it daily, do it often!

#5. Ascension requires clearing all the 3D-4D energies that are blocking you.
Everyone needs to do the necessary spiritual house cleaning, such as: clearing current life, past life and ancestral trauma, resolving karmic imprints, releasing psychic cords, old agreements, retrieving lost soul fragments, etc.

We must Trust the Light within us. We are the ones in charge of our inner healing and transformation, as well as our ascension into higher states of consciousness. Focus on healing yourself in all areas of your life. Actively working on yourself is an act of self-love and helps you evolve more quickly.

This is just the beginning of your return to the realms of Light. Part of the journey is to stay in your body, be fully present and aware of Earth’s changing circumstances because there are forces that are trying to prevent both Earth’s and Humanity’s natural ascension and spiritual upgrade or awakening. You can learn how to clear unseen negative energies and take command of your energy and living space. This is part of the journey, learning how to navigate multi-dimensional reality.

#6. Upgrade your Soul’s Sovereignty Clause – this will allow your Soul Contract to hold this new higher energy. See my “Upgrade your Sovereignty Clause” article on my website here:

#7. Ascension is easier with strong Divine Connections, Protection Strategies and Clearing Knowledge.
Gather knowledge and techniques to establish a clear, stabilized 5D crystalline container of Light within and around you. I live and work in sacred space every day. I must operate in an invincible force field of light – I have multiple levels of protections so my spiritual sight and discernment remains crystal clear.

Empower yourself – Assess your energy regularly. Develop or upgrade your skills in spiritual self-authority & protection, intuition, discernment, meditation, remote viewing, shamanic journeying. Do not open to unseen energies influences that are not in the Light. There are are tricksters and fakers that are very good at mimicking Angels, Jesus, Mother Mary, etc.

Tip: If the vibe of a visiting beings is off just a wee bit, always (no exceptions) ask three times, “Do you come in the name of the Christ Light?” It is a violation of Cosmic law to say “Yes”, if they are not. Even still, I have had arrogant negative beings, say “Yes”. I can tell they are fakers, so I use my fool-proof process and ask, “Show me your eyes”. I see black eyes. “Show me your hands.” I see claws. This catches them every time. Then I call Archangel Michael and the two Captains of the Guard that are assigned to me to take them out of my space. They come in and drop a golden net around them and wisk them off. No exceptions. You must have strong boundaries here. Being curious, naive or allowing them in will cause you all sorts of problems. Once you do this, you will NEVER do this again! They do not come from love, they are False Light beings stuck in the 4D. They want your 5D soul light and will attach to you and siphon your life-force energy. Then you will need someone like myself to come in and clear you. That’s OK – its all a self-empowering learning process. These experience build your spiritual self-authority. I’ve had to call my trusted shaman healers before myself when I was began my initiation into holding the Light.

#8. Upgrade your physical health and wellness program. You must keep your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies tuned up. So this concept is more than going organic, daily green smoothies, pharmaceutical grade supplements, yoga, tai chi, lightening up, having fun, finding more joy, etc. This begins a very powerful process of clearing the “Fate” timeline you were born into and activating your Soul Contract and upgrading to your “Destiny” timeline.

#9. Understand the difference between the organic Ascension timeline vs. False AI Technocratic Ascension.

Natural ascension is always guided by Divine Love. Fear will keep you stuck and keep in a state of withdrawal, worry and anxiety. Monitor your thoughts daily. If repetitive negative thoughts occur, simply do a clearing and transmute them into the Light.

The primary Christed Ascension timelines are now amplifying, gaining strength due to Lightworker activities, Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, the Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Stargate openings. This along with the benevolent Higher Beings involvement in the Universal upgrade during this Ascension cycle is assuring we accomplish our ascension mission. These higher ascension timelines gain strength as the photonic rays activate the collective’s remembering of the Ascension process.

By living in the present and embodying your future self – the Higher Self, Christed Self, Galactic Self, etc. (depending on your Soul’s intention), allows you to resonate with the Organic Ascension timeline which traverses multiple dimensions.

False Ascension Timelines have been manufactured to capture us with embedded technology, which will control our thoughts, what job we are assigned, our ability to buy and sell, and much more. The lure of AI technology is strong for many, but a false light path of total control.

#10. Remember: Where the Earth goes, so goes Humanity. As she ascends so do we and vice versa. We are directly tied to this Planet and her ascension process. She needs our love, attention and gratitude. We can support the Earth with our consciousness and energy by spending time with her in nature.

Consider adding this to your daily spiritual practice — when you call in the Higher Light Beings or teams, you can also invoke Grandmother Earth (Mother Gaia, Pachamama) and the Elemental Kingdom: The Devas and Deva Rajas of Earth’s 4 Kingdoms – Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human. This completes your calling in the ‘As Above’ to the ‘So Below’. This is sacred alchemy that works.

We have to use discernment, take personal responsibility, stand tall in our own divinity and demand our personal and collective God/Creator/Great Spirit rights and wake up from the dream, the social engineering, the planned opposition, and deceptions from the dark hearts. Gaia is rising, ascending, this is her destiny, those who resist will not be frequency specific to the Planets’s unstoppable spiritual evolution. Our planet has chosen her highest destiny; the Creator has agreed. The spiritually and technologically advanced Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Saints and Sages, advanced Inner Earth beings are on board now. Everyone is waiting for the masses to awaken. It is a matter of percentages. It is up to us to participate in raising those percentages on the light side. 

In closing, we are up-leveling and shifting over and over again. It is not a onetime shift; both we and the Planet are shifting incrementally in order to give us time to adjust and anchor these higher frequencies of Light in our bodies. Many people think this is one and done experience. Not so…I believe we have hit a major milestone with the Dec 21st 2021 Solstice and ascension energies are more powerful. We have entered the new territory of the Age of Aquarius. Over the next 10 years we will witness many extraordinary events. Get ready for disclosure and contact with the Galactic Federation, med-beds, free energy, etc. Keep to your daily spiritual practices, ask for guidance, take on Planetary Lightworker assignments and be ready to be in service to those that are awakening all around you. Just like you needed guidance, so will they. Aho!

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