Level 2 – Complete the Full Upgrade of your Soul’s Sovereignty Clause

I AM Divine, Sovereign, Ascended and Free!

Prep: Always begin any Soul Contract upgrade process by first connecting to your:
* Breath – breathe 2 or 3 grounding, relaxing breaths.
* Heart – center yourself within the divinity of your Heart Center.
* Highest Sacred Self, I AM Presence – call in your Inner Christ Self to come forward and then call in your I AM Presence: I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with all life everywhere as I take a stand to upgrade my embodied Soul and its Soul Contract.
* Highest Guardian Spirit Teams, Ascended Beings and Family of Light – call them in and ask them to hold you within Protected Scred Space.

The Sovereignty Clause Upgrade decree goes like this (feel free to modify or add to it as you Higher Self guides you):

  1. I invoke my Soul’s Sovereignty Clause to appear before me. Breathe and wait for this image to appear before you.
  2. To begin: Cleanse any parts of this outdated, old Sovereignty Clause with the Violet Flame now – do a Violet Flame Clearing. (https://starshamanmessenger.com/clearing-unseen-negative-energies-and-entities)
  3. Then ask Archangel Michael or any other Archangel you have a close affinity or relationship with to do this: “Cut me free of any interfering energies or entities now! I ask that they be removed from my Sovereignty clause if any ties or connections to them exist. This is my Soul’s Sovereignty Clause and my mine alone. I do not consent or give permission to any interference in any timeline, dimension or reality!
  4. I choose of my own free will choice at this time and space on Planet Earth/Terra/Gaia to upgrade my Sovereignty Clause and when completed to upgrade my overall Soul Contract for this embodiment.
  5. I decree to the highest heavenly realms of Light, to the Office of the Christ – “I AM Divine, Sovereign, Ascended and Free!”
  6. I remove myself from any commodity related agreements or sub-contracts attached to my Soul – in this and any and all lifetimes, timelines, dimensions and realities, inclusive of Planet Earth and any other Planets and systems of worlds that are tied in and relevant for this upgrade today.
  7. I remove myself from being traded on the dark controller’s market for any reason at all levels of my being.
  8. I remove my lifeforce and kundalini from all dark force ties, negative Alien and AI agendas.
  9. I remove myself from all negative alien abduction/abductee lists, and any alien experimentation and interference lists.
  10. I declare right now – I AM Divine, Sovereign, Ascended and Free!
  11. I remove myself – my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies, soul and all levels of my being from all negative forces on this Planet – Archonic, Satanic, Luciferian, Negative Alien and Negative AI – any and all vows, promises, agreements, interference clauses, tags, tracking, slavery, trickery, black magic conjuring lists that I may have been put on without my conscious knowledge, agreement or consent. ALL of these are now given back, retrieved, rescinded, canceled, deleted, destroyed, released, transformed and transmuted across all time, space, dimensions and realities, all timelines, all lifetimes – past, present and future.
  12. I AM a Light Warrior and I remove myself from any and all violations of Sacred, Universal or Cosmic Law that was done unknowingly, without my conscious knowledge and consent, against my free will, individually or collectively, via trickery, deceit, outright lies, manipulation, mind control, propaganda, brainwashing programs of false truths, false realities, and complete illusions about myself and my Angelic Christed human origin and nature.
  13. I release my sovereign soul-self from anything not of the Light. I close any and all wormholes, portals, connections with any person, place, condition or thing that does not hold me in the highest esteem, respect and Christ Light. So be it…And so it is!
  14. I AM Divine, Sovereign, Ascended and Free – now and forever!
  15. I AM Presence – make all necessary updates, adjustments and upgrades to my Sovereignty Clause that I may have left out. Fully and perfectly complete this upgrade process to the fullness that Cosmic Law will allow at this time.
  16. Please take this fully activated and upgraded Sovereignty Clause’s Light Language add it to and further upgrade my Overall Soul Contract for this Embodiment. Permanently seal it in the Christ Light and Divine Love (say this 3 times).
  17. This Sovereignty Clause upgrade is now Sealed in the Light! Let it be done as I command!
  18. I AM in Service to the Christ Light! I AM in Service to the Awakening of Humanity and the Ascension of this Sweet Earth! I AM in Service to All Life Everywhere! Amen! Aho!