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Hello and Welcome to my unusual life!

About Me

I entered this world as an intuitive, telepathic child. I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where the Elemental Kingdom and Nature Spirits are very alive. I loved to be with the nature spirits, trees and animals. I was introduced to horses by my grandfather as an infant. This sparked a lifelong love of these wonderful beings. I currently have a sanctuary for 8 very deserving rescue horses. My mini donkey “JJ” keeps them all in line. 😉 To see a picture of my herd go to ‘Sessions Overview and Approach’ page:

I soon realized I was different from other people, as my main source of entertainment was leaving my body and traveling in the Spirit. I also telepathically eaves-dropped on my relatives conversations during family gatherings. It concerned me that what they thought and said were often not the same. My biggest point of confusion and sadness, is I knew that life was about love and joy and sharing our light and not about suffering and war. I told my mom, where I came from people did not age or die. She never knew how to respond to me.

At age 15, I began praying to be released from my current soul contract and asked to be reassigned somewhere else. My Guardian Spirit Team gave me what I wanted…with a twist…I was unexpectedly involved in a serious car accident in which I was miraculously saved from death and serious injury. While I was unconscious, I was drawn up into a large Temple of Light. You can read about my conversation with these Angelic Starbeings in my book (which I hope to have available in 2022).

This NDE activated all my spiritual gifts at age 16. I was radically transformed and de-programmed from false truths and social condition during three intense days. The Beings of Light that I spoke with showed me a rough sketch of my life for the next 16 years. They vowed to return every 16 years to help me. They have kept their word. This NDE marked a huge turning point in my life. My spiritual adventures began…and I learned how to live under cover as a “normie”, while having an edge as a psychic.

This set me on a path as an ardent Truth Seeker – I read every metaphysical, shamanic, new age, mediumship book I could find. Early on, I loved Edgar Cacey, the Castanada books, and others of this genre. While it was fun and novel to be the resident psychic in high school, I soon realized I needed training to understand what I was “seeing” and understand the implications of sharing precognitive predictions to my friends. I found it was not wise to share certain info with them.

Over time, I came through various initiations brought on by heavy psychic and demonic attack. I struggled with this, as many starseeds, healers and lightworkers do. All I knew at the time to do was to call on Jesus and the Angels. Thankfully, they always intervened on my behalf. But, I knew I had to learn the real science of spiritual self-authority and healing; and so I continued my quest and developed my discernment of the Light and Dark.

Sixteen years later, my next spiritual transformational experience (STE) occurred. I had been praying for assistance to direct me to teachers and teachings that would help me during my next time of awakening. My prayers were answered, as I was guided to an unusual Christian Mystic church that taught mysticism, psychic protection, healing, and channeling of Divine Beings.

Their program provided me with the formula that I had been searching for. They taught me how to:
* connect with your Higher Self/Divine I AM Presence
* create psychic protection – an invincible force field of light
* send lost souls, negative energies and entities into the Light
* connect safely with and channel higher Light Beings.

During an evening of channeling, the great MahaAvatar Babaji came into the session and gave me a vision of the next stage of my life. He gave me a new name – Oshara and then after a prepration time, he oversaw my connection to my Star Family, who helped me heal all my current karma and then download a higher aspect of myself. It took 3 weeks to integrate this transition of my Pleiadean future self. It was a true Shamanic death and rebirth. The best description I can offer, is that I downloaded a higher dimensional aspect of myself that came from the stars and has traveled extensively as an Ambassador and High Priestess in many systems of worlds. In a very short time, an immense amount of knowledge, knowing, and future timeline awareness was made available to me.

I was activated and guided to take on the role of a Planetary Lightworker, EarthKeeper, and Ascension Timeline Keeper. I started offering Light Body Activations, Egyptian crystal healing sessions, body work, emotional healing, hypnosis, and dispossession work, etc. I took on challenging assignments, which connected me with my champion, Archangel Michael. He protects and enables me to do my Planetary Lightworker and deeper energy clearing sessions. He, along with other Archangels, Guardian Starbeings, and Ascended Masters come into all my sessions. That is the beautiful thing about our contract with Spirit — Spirit always comes when called.

And, yes, 16 years later, I had another intense spiritual transformation experience (STE) occurred. That one took 3 years to integrate…

Most recently, I have been shown where the negative energies originate. I learned about the negative Alien and AI agenda. Archangel Micheal has been showing me how to successfully engage with and clear False Light beings – negative entities, ETs, AI block box, and Archonic beings. I learned how to release dozens of old agreements that kept me from fulfilling my life purpose.

It has taken me a lifetime, to gather the spiritual tracking skills and discernment required to to remove psychic cords, energy blocks, etheric implants, trackers, tags, devices, and crystalline structures from my own and other people’s energy fields. I’ve learned how to channel a variety of benevolent Beings of Light. As my spiritual journey continued, I learned that these are rights of passage as a Lightworker and healer. I was led to heal my own emotional wounds and past life and ancestral traumas. I owe a debt of gratitude to my Shamanic teachers who guided me through ceremonies and initiations to close out my Book of Karma and open my Dharmic Book of Life. A healer must heal herself in order to own the right to hold space to support the healing of others.

I am a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner – a graduate of the Four Winds Light Body School which brings forth the hidden teachings and healing methods of the South American Andean Shamans. I have also studied with other Shamanic Lineages. I received many other trainings and certifications in bodywork, crystal and various types of energy work; along with mediumship and channeling modalities. I have been practicing yoga and various methods of meditation since my early 20’s. I have been initiated by various Vedic, Ascended Master, and Shamanic Lineages over the past 30 years. I am a Oneness Blessing Giver and Meditator. To keep me humble and grounded in 3D world, I was guided to go through a painful process of getting a MBA degree. This has allowed me to travel the world while working on projects in the corporate world in technology training…and be a Lightworker undercover. 🙂

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I love working with all the levels of Higher Light Beings. Since December 21st 2020 Solstice and the Grand Galactic Alignment, coupled with the Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, my sessions are more powerful. Old blocked energies are moving out, more easily. My clients are experiencing two sessions in one. Its very exciting to see how the incoming Ascension energies are helping humanity and all life evolving on the planet, along with Grandmother Earth – to evolve on the 5D, 6D, 7D upgraded timelines.

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