How Energy Healing Works to Restore Physical Wellness

As an Energy Field Clearing and Healing expert, I witness the challenge and results that stem from a lack of awareness and disconnect of how the energy body affects the physical body’s overall health. During this Ascension cycle we are undergoing a physical Ascension. This makes maintaining your energy field in a clear, pure state as possible critical to your overall ascension progress.

And when you energy field is clear, it actually is easier to start and maintain a high vibing physical health and wellness program. You just want to continue to feel great and continuously are motivated to explore the methods that will up-level your health and luminous field. You cannot have a clear energy field and chakra system if you are not practicing an upgraded, clean eating program, drinking pure water (2x more than you think you need), finding ways to be in nature and doing some form of exercise daily.

Clearing your etheric, mental and emotional bodies of all the negative memories, traumas, limiting beliefs, and the emotions you have taken on from other people around you who are struggling in fear or fully anchored in 3D ego awareness…are all key components of a active wellness program which is your Ascension program. You cannot separate your the current opportunity of spiritual evolution, planetary soul activation from your body’s physical cells and DNA. They are intricately connected and one impacts the other.

As we clear at all levels of our being, we can hold higher resonating frequencies of loving detachment, inner peace, compassion, and allowance for each soul on the planet to experience the results of their free will choice.

I work with people’s energy fields in order to read and clear what does not support their wholeness as an embodied Soul – with a beautiful, often powerful life mission.

Distance is not a restriction, as I work in sacred space in the quantum field so I can then read a person’s energy field, their intrusive energies and the Light Teams.

I understand that a person’s Higher Self and Spirit Guides, and even their conscious mind, know that it wants a change, to be able to feel clearer, healthier or free. However the other 90% of their being is stuck in the past and is expressing major resistance and would prefer to stay in their comfort zone.

People can even become ill due to this disconnect because they are not sensing when something isn’t right for them, whether its food, a person or situation.

They are not sensing or aware of what it is they are exactly feeling or picking up on. They may feel uncomfortable for just a few seconds, then it passes. This discomfort is quickly forgotten or they just shake it off.

A lot of the time they are picking up emotions and mental beliefs from others that don’t belong to them. This is very common for empaths without strong boundaries or knowledge of how to work on their inner selves or clear negative energies. During this Ascension cycle the Universal Shadow is rising to be witnessed and transformed. With it comes disconcerting information about the dark forces, mind control, deception practices, and false light control mechanisms. Fear is rampant within the collective consciousness which people pick up and then become energetically polluted.

Due to the porousness of their energy fields, they take on the negative energies and emotions, identifying it as their own because they are not clear within themselves. They are expressing what energy healers call being “energetically in-congruent” within themselves. They stopped listening to their hearts and trusting their internal Truth barometers. Truth is unfortunately, being conditioned out of the population, to be replaced by culturally mandated trust in government and authority that does not always have our highest good in mind.

I help my clients release these impacted emotional energies as a first step in their clearing process. Releasing the blocks within each chakra and the emotional and mental bodies within the overall energy field can truly upgrade a person’s health and well being. When the chakras and energy field are clear of psychic debris, a lot of old dense energy is released, restoring a person’s sense of self. Then I work with current life traumas and relationships, which opens up the the time lines of the ancestors, as well as the past life history. Clearing the old karmic agreements, timeline, ancestral trauma, even the bloodline has profound positive effects on a person’s health and well being – their sense of wholeness is restored.

Timeline work is an intricate part of the clairvoyant tracking work I do to assist what needs to be released from the past. This allows higher energies of love, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace, etc. that were blocked many generations or in previous lifetimes to flow into the present. This in turn creates a future that is more in alignment with the Soul’s mission and the Ascension energies flowing into the Planet.

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Note: Shamanic Energy Healing sessions are limited to the practice of energy clearing and healing and not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Psychological issues and medical conditions should be addressed directly by, and treated under the care of your personal physician.

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