Use the Violet Flame to Clear Unseen, Negative Energies and Entities

Violet Flame in Action (

Violet Flame Invocation for Clearing Negative Energies and Entities

The steps below are the best method I know (and use personally) to clear away and transform and transmute any negative thoughts, emotions, and energies, even lower astral entities that you may have accidentally called in thinking they were benevolent “Spirit Guides”.

  1. I call to the Violet Flame from the very heart of Mother/Father God,
  2. Through the Cosmic and Solar Beings of the 7th Ray, I invoke the full gathered momentum of the 5th dimensional, crystalline Violet Flame.
  3. Through the power and permission of my I AM Presence I call to Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Holy Amethyst to cleanse and purify my 4 lower bodies – my physical, etheric, mental, emotional levels of being from any and all negative energy, entities, vibration and consciousness, in, through, around or driven against me.
  4. I call to the Angels of the Blue Flame serving under Archangel Michael to assist me to “cut me free” (say “cut me free” 3 times) and dissolve any and all psychic bonds and karmic ties between me and any person, place, condition, or thing that is no longer serving my highest good, and the fulfillment of my Divine Plan for which I embodied.
  5. Now I ask the Violet Flame to clear all my chakras and meridians of any thing less than God’s Perfect Light.
  6. Now I ask the Violet Flame to move deeply into every cell, atom and electron, particle, and sub-particle of my being and cleanse anything less than God’s perfection at these deeper levels of my Being.
  7. The Violet Flame now transforms and transmutes all of these energies across all timelines, lifetimes, dimensions, and realities back to their origination to the Heart of God.  
  8. So be it! And so it is!! AMEN!
  9. Once your clear yourself always fill the vacuum created with Christ Light, Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Perfect Health and Wholeness, Abundance, any Divine Qualities you need at this time.

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