We’re the Disclosure we’ve been waiting for!

I love this prayer or invocation. I use a variation of this at night when I take my 4 dogs out for their “potty walk” before we all go to bed. I reach my hands up and call on the Galactic Federation of Worlds to help us, to assist humanity to heal and fully awaken to our divine, spiritual multi-dimensional nature. I ask them to prepare us to receive them – to open our hearts and still our negative mind chatter. I specifically ask our benevolent Galactic Family to activate full Disclosure world-wide, to bring forth their beautiful healing, free energy, galactic interstellar travel, and other technologies that will upgrade all our lives and clean up the toxins in/on the planet. I ask that all of this be made available to all the people of Earth/Terra/Gaia, not just an elite few.

The purpose of this article is to share that we truly are the one’s we’ve been waiting for. There are over 100,000 million starseeds embodied on Earth at this time – if not more. It does not take everyone on Earth to full awaken, take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions to allow the Earth to Ascend. It takes approximately 2% of the population at a minimum. So the numbers are in our favor and we can continue to take responsibility for our awakening and healing process. This is happening right now, everywhere!

People everywhere are starting to remember that we are multi-dimensional beings who live in a multi-dimensional Universe. Many of us are starting to remember our previous lives – retrieving different levels of our higher consciousness and aspects of our higher nature. We are at a minimum 3D, 4D, 5D beings right now. At the 3D level is our physical body or avatar, at the 4D level is our etheric, mental and emotional bodies. These comprise our 4 lower bodies that need to be cleansed, cleared, restored, upgraded in order to be open and anchored within the framework of our 5D+ I AM Presence.

The heart is the gateway of the Soul and 5D consciousness. An open heart allows us to connect to our Highest Sacred Self and act on the natural impulse to cultivate a relationship with the Divine and all its expressions — Truth, Justice, Harmony, Unity, Oneness, Compassion, Empathy, Love for Humanity, the Earth and the Elemental (Nature Kingdom) and all her lifeforms. 5D is not a goal or destination – it is a gateway to the greater spiritual aspects of our multi-dimensional consciousness – the higher spiritual realms, the Archangels (Angelic Kingdom), Ascended Masters and our Star Families. Moving forward, cultivating a connection to your Higher Self, to Source – the One Creator-Giver of All Life – will allow your Galactic Star family to come closer to and eventually connect with you. They are watching and waiting.

Then there are people, like myself, that have been gifted to be an Ambassador of sorts to help make introductions between Starseeds and their Star Family. Many Starseeds are already connected to and working with their Star Family, various High Councils and the Galactic Federation. The Ambassador role is not always easy, and not always welcomed on various system of worlds. But it part of my retrieved memories from my Pleiadian Star Family. I have played this role on number of past Galactic Federation missions. This time contact will occur from the ground up. Many Starseeds on are recon missions now, preparing the way for larger contact. Keep praying for their help and invoking the Light of God into the outer-world events. Do whatever you feel called within you to do to help bring us all closer to contact and disclosure.

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