“Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation” Online Ceremonial Gathering

Update October 30, 2022: I am now an official Munay-Ki Trainer and Womb Keeper. I completed this in depth training with Marcella and the Four Winds Senior Teachers in early September of 2022. As the Munay-Ki continues to expand across the world, I am honored to serve this powerful Lineage of Light offering.

The next opportunity to receive the initiations of the South American Shamans to become an Earth Keeper is:
Friday – Sunday, December 9 – 11, 2022

Join me online via Zoom session (recorded)
3 Days, 3 Rites each day

Times: Friday, dec 9th, 3PM – 9PM Eastern
Saturday, Dec 10th, 3PM – 6PM Eastern
Sunday, Dec 11th, 3PM – 6PM Eastern
Course fee: $200/person
Half price to repeat and deepen: $100

There will be instructional material, opportunity to practice and homework assignments to help you grow the seeds of these beautiful Seeds of Light installed in your energy field.

Included: Bonus follow-up session in January
Review of Homework and Q&A

The 10th Rite of Womb is free and offered – TBD
Please email me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com to request information and be placed on the attendee list. I will be happy to answer your questions, make payment arrangements, etc.
Wiricohoca – Activating Sacred Space
Awaken your ability to dream an ascended New Earth into being.
Learn to co-create with Spirit! Release anything taking up space within you no longer needed. Make room within to hold more Light!


Based on initiatory practices of the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon, the rites of the Munay-Ki are ten rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past – the genetic and karmic inheritance we are born with. They transform and upgrade the luminous energy field and re-inform our DNA, enabling us to upgrade your energetic architecture making it much easier to step into the ascended frequency alignment of the original human angelic template (homo luminous).

In essence, the rites are about Planetary stewardship. They help us step more easily into our Soul Mission and see our way forward more clearly.

Experience the power of the awakened heart which allows you to connect with nature and others in a more authentic and expansive manner and become a person of wisdom and power, a caretaker of the Earth.


In the Quechua Peruvian high mountain village’s language, “Munay” means Universal Love. “Ki” is from the Japanese word for energy. Together, these words mean Energy of Love.

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of new humans (Homo Luminous) appearing on Pachamama (Mother Earth)… upgraded humans of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, accepting stewardship for all creation.

The time of great change and transformation – the Ascension Gateway is upon us!

Join me and other like minded people around the world to receive the subtle, yet powerful and life changing energetic transmissions that help you heal the wounds of the past – the genetic and karmic inheritance we are born with.

They transform and upgrade the luminous energy field and re-inform our DNA, enabling us to grow a new body that allows you to step into the ascended frequency alignment of the original human angelic template (homo luminous).

The nine main rites and transmissions of the Munay-Ki are subtle, yet very powerful and life changing:
1. Healer’s Rite – Hampe Karpay: awakens the healer within you, and also launches your personal healing journey.
2. The Bands of Power – Chumpi Karpay: consists of energetic bands of protections that enable you to walk fearlessly and with beauty in the world. Very important as you begin your healing journey.
3. Harmony Rite – Ayni Karpay:
connects you to this lineage’s power animals -> Rainbow Serpent, Jaguar, Royal Hummingbird, Eagle, and Condor. These spirit animals reset our instincts so we can maintain physical and emotional integrity in our lives.
4. Seer’s Rite – Kawak Karpay:
awakens the seer within you, and the ability to see into the invisible world of energy and spirit. It establishes new neural connections between the visual cortex, the third eye, and the heart. Thus, the inner vision of the invisible world of subtle energies is awakened together with the grace of those who see with the eyes of love and compassion.​​
5. Daykeeper’s Rite – Pampa Mesayok Karpay:
connects you directly to this ancient Shamanic Lineage of Light that comes from the Star Nations.
6. Wisdomkeeper’s Rite – Alto Mesayok Karpay:
connects you to the luminous Wisdom Keepers from the past and the future, who will be available to call in and work with and through you.
7. Earthkeeper’s Rite – Kurak Akuyek Karpay:
connects you to the luminous Earth Keepers from the past and the future, who will be available to call in and work with and through you.
8. Starkeeper’s Rite – Mosoq Karpay:
awakens the perception of our possible future, warning us about the dangers and opportunities, about the pitfalls and the beauty, unless we take an active role in affecting change we want to see for a better collective and planetary destiny.
9. Creator Rites – Taitanchis Rantis Karpay
: stimulates us to discover our infinite nature, not separated from the creative source of all of creation. We become sensitive and aware of our manifesting power. This rite makes us realize that creating is not only a privilege, but also a responsibility, and invites us to create with great love and courage within Universal and Sacred Law, aligned with the Blessed Beauty Way.

The Shamans say, that after you go through these nine rites of the Munay-Ki, you can begin to dream a better world into being – the world that we want our children’s children to inherit. The 10th rite is for women only. There is information below about the Rite of the Womb.

Homo Luminous

These rites were first given to ancient teachers by Angelic Star Beings, and now are passed on from the Rite Keeper to the recipient in the form of Light Seeds. Once these seeds are gifted to you by another, it is up to you to grow them into Wisdom and Strength – like the mighty oak tree.

A fire ceremony, from a campfire, bonfire or, in its simplest form, a candle can be used to grow your rites once received. As you receive these rites, you will sense the presence of the Lineage Elders and Beings of Light around you, supporting your spiritual journey.

These rites are not only stages of personal initiation, but can be used to positively impact the collective consciousness of humanity. In essence, the rites are about Reverence and Stewardship of all Life, everywhere, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth (Pacahmama).

As we heal ourselves, we lift up our core Soul Group, our neighborhood, our geographical area and its grid lines, as well as other life forms that are within our Earthly Stewardship. These Rites can set the Receiver on a path of meaningful service to all Life, uniquely expressed by each individual’s Soul Mission.

There is a 10th Rite – the Rite of the Womb. After the Munay-Ki rites are given, I offer the women in the group an additional rite. This initiation is scheduled separately. It is always offered free! Once you receive this rite, you may offer this to your mother, sister, daughters, and friends. We want to spread the love from healed wombs across the planet.

For more information on this rite: https://theriteofthewomb.com and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBgKOzx1ooQ&t=64s

If you have questions of any kind, please contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

Mastery Empowerment Course: “Awaken the Master within You!” (12 Week Online course)

Update: New Course starting Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Join our Soul Tribe to awaken your Heart Flame, to connect to your Soul Self and learn how to accelerate our Ascension into the Light! (12 Weekly in person online Zoom classes and practice sessions)

This is more than a psychic development or protection course – this is about stepping into Sovereignty of your Body-Heart-Soul-Spirit Complex.
Own your Light and authentic soul self

Experience powerful guided Meditations that activate your Neuro-Bio-Genetic Light Circuitry within your chakras and energy body to activate your 5D+ Light Body.

Practice Energetic Self-Defense – Learn the “I AM Protocol: Connect, Clear, Protect” Pierce the 4D Astral Veil and Connect with the 5D+ Kristed, Ascended, Angelic, Galactic Higher Beings in the Realms of Illumined Truth and Christ Light.

Learn how to clear and protect yourself, your loved ones, home and property from unseen negative energies and entities.

Learn the Safeguards to pure channeling of Higher Light Beings – Ascended Masters, etc.

Step into ceremonial sacred space with Fire Ceremony and Shamanic Journeying Cultivate a deeper connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Elemental Kingdom.

Half of the course is dedicated to powerful practices from Ascended Master Mystery Schools and the other half to practices from various Shamanic Lineages of Light that Oshara is a lineage holder.

Awaken the Master within
Let your Light shine and expand out to the whole Earth and the Elemental Kingdom
Mastery Empowerment Course:
“Awaken the Master within You”
(12 Week online Zoom course)

6 Class sessions and 6 Practice sessions
Bonus classes are always offered 🙂

The next course starts on Wednesday evening: May 24th, 2023

Wednesday evenings, 7:30- 9:30PM Eastern

Interested? Sign up here: https://starshamanmessenger.com/mastery-empowerment-course-awaken-your-ascended-shaman-of-light/
Questions? email me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com
Connect with your 5D Christ Self

Course Goal: Up-Level your inner sensitivity, spiritual awareness, discernment and connection to the Higher Forces of Light (Archangels, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Star Beings) supporting Humanity and Mother Earth this time.

Expand your mental roadmap to connect to our Galactic Family of Light!

The purpose of this course is to come together as a beautiful Soul Tribe to share our combined Love, Light, Insights, Gifts and Life Experiences within a Sacred Container of Spiritually Infused Protection and Divine Intelligence.

Develop and practice skills in Intuitive Awareness, Psychic Protection, Clearing Methods, Shamanic Journeying, and Channeling Beings of Light.

Illuminate your Heart and Mind!

My Goal for this course is always evolving: To become Self-Referencing, Sacred Humans walking in Protection, who feel empowered to activate their Soul Mission and become Planetary Lightworkers in this Ascension Cycle.

Onward into the Realms of Eternal Light and Illumined Truth!

  • Deepen your Connection with your inner Christ Light and I AM Presence to develop spiritual authority and discernment.
  • Understand the key differences between 4D lower psychic, astral energies, discarnate or earthbound spirits, and 5D+ Kristed, Ascended, Higher Light Beings
  • Practice powerful Energetic Clearing processes – Use the Violet Flame to perform deep energetic house cleaning – clear your energy field and chakras; clear your family/children; clear your environment; cut psychic cords and karmic ties, resend old vows, promises and agreements.
  • Use Psychic Protection Protocols – Learn about energetic boundaries and how to invoke various level of spiritual protection (seal yourself in Source Light).
  • Develop your innate abilities to communicate (feel, hear, see) with the world of higher dimensional Light Beings – Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Beings, etc.
  • Meet your primary Guardian Teams for Healing, Ascension and Protection.
  • Learn about the role of a Lightworker and your partnership between Humanity, the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms.
  • Upgrade the Sovereignty Clause of your Soul Contract.
  • Activate Sacred Space, call in the Power of the Four Directions, open your Soul Star and Earth Star chakras.
  • Journey to the Lower World to connect with Pachamama (Mother Earth/Terra, Gaia), the Devas of the Elemental Kingdom, receive a Power Animal for protection and guidance.
  • Journey to the Upper World to receive a Soul Destiny activation from the Lineage of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Dragons of Light.
  • Learn how to safely track the invisible realms of spirit, interpret both negative and divine energies, symbols, messages from Spirit.
  • Feel empowered to become a Lightworker and an Earthkeeper – in Service to All Life on Mother Earth!
Lifting up into the Christ Level and I AM Level of consciousness.

Each week is unique and builds on the previous week. The 2+ hour class sessions are held via Zoom and recorded. So if you miss a class, you can review it at a time convenient to you. Join me for this spiritual self-mastery skill building experience, where you will:

  • Understand the different levels of consciousness and intuitive awareness
  • Learn the difference between psychic mediumship (4D psychic/astral level ) and how to pierce the veil to connect with and channel 5D+ Beings of Christ Light
  • Strengthen your connection with your Higher Self (I AM Presence), Spiritual Guardians of the Christ Vibration and above
  • Each class offers a special connecting, clearing and protection meditation
  • Experience a full calling in of the Four Direction, the As-Above and So-Below
  • Learn how to activate Ceremonial Sacred Space – enter the 5D+ Quantum field

Bring a favorite stone or crystal (palm size) to be blessed and activated… this will become your “sacred” stone” that will hold the energies of your “I AM Presence” and the beautiful Beings of Light you meet during the course. This will allow you to connect to them during meditation much easier.

*Each class offers a special connecting, clearing and protection meditation *
* Learn how to activate 5D Quantum Sacred Space
* Experience a full calling in of the Four Direction, the As-Above and So-Below *

Course Payment Options are listed below.
Course Fee is $330.00/person
* 6 weekly class sessions with 6 weekly practice sessions*
Wednesday evenings at 7:30:00-9:30PM Eastern

Course Materials
Class recordings, slide decks, handouts and homework are posted weekly on
Google Docs for easy access and downloads
**Bonus** Receive access to $500 of free pdf books – many are recommended for this course
* Can’t make the class one week? Never miss a class via the Zoom recording *

Repeating students can attend for half price of $165.
Refer one friend and receive an additional discount – refer two and attend for free!

Join the class’s Telegram chat group – StarShaman Ascension Village:
Contact me via Telegram at:@OsharaStarShaman

Interested? Sign up here: https://starshamanmessenger.com/mastery-empowerment-course-awaken-your-ascended-shaman-of-light/
Questions? email me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

“Indoor Candle Fire Ceremony” Online Ceremonial Gathering

Updated: October 30, 2022

See list of supplies and instructions below to host your own fire ceremony or to prepare for my hosted Fire Ceremony.

Use a candle contained in a glass, metal, ceramic container. Have your toothpicks and a bowl of salt available. Bring a favorite stone too!

Whether you attend my Full or New Moon (Indoor Candle) Fire Ceremony webinar or choose to do this on your own, the instructions below will help you to prepare, align with the sacred Powers and Energies of the Four Directions and do the calling in or opening of Sacred Space.

DO NOT SKIP THIS IMPORTANT STEP! You need to be in ceremonial space for safety and protection and to take advantage of the power of 5D ceremonial energies. It is only in ceremony that permanent changes, transformation and healing can take place.

In the West, we use prayer to speak to God. In the East, meditation is the practice to listen to God. Shamans use journeying and fire ceremonies to transform, heal and commune with Great Spirit, the Lineage of Light that supports them, their power animals and all the sacred energies and powers of the Four Directions.

A fire ceremony is an intentional event to celebrate and honor the sacred. It allows for rapid transformation. It provides the avenue to honor your lessons and old limiting, beliefs; by turning them over to Spirit, thus enabling you to heal deeply at a Soul level.

Shamans gather at their fires to create ceremonial space, to step into sacred time and experience the infinite. We expand our light bodies and tune our inner senses to feel our connection to All Life. We realize that everything, all life is sacred. We can be in ceremony any time we choose.

We live in a modern culture that has taken the spirit out of everyday life; out of all matter. Rocks, trees, plants, mountains and rivers have become inanimate objects to use as resources for our comfort and survival.

While an outside fire ceremony is one of the core rituals in many Shamanic traditions, an indoor fire ceremony can be just as powerful. In today’s world, we can connect with each other from all over the world, via a Zoom virtual indoor fire ceremony.

We do not have to be limited by distance, time zones, nor be affected by the weather or fire permits. It is always fun to gather with like minded people, whether virtually or in person, to celebrate our becoming more illuminated, more attuned to the Spiritual and Elemental World during the Full or News Moons, or the Equinoxes or Solstices.

If you want to time your fire ceremony with the Full Moon (outside or inside), it is best held within the window of 3 days before or after the full moon of each month. This is when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest. All the Shamans around the world gather to do various ceremonies and dream a better world into being. Joining with them in energy, vibration and consciousness really amps up the power of the fire ceremony experience!

Supplies for Indoor Candle Fire Ceremony:
Candle – use a candle in a glass, metal, or ceramic container to protect you, in case you drop the toothpick into the candle. (Not a stand-alone pillar, votive or taper stick candle)
Larger toothpicks – the bigger the better, you will need a minimum of 6 (have some extras available)
Optional: Bowl of Salt – used to drop your toothpick into when burned down.
Favorite Stone – used to support you in the ceremony. There is a beautiful way to program your stone after you open Sacred Space. During the Zoom session, I will show you how to use your intention and breath to awaken and initiate your stone so that it not only holds the ceremonial energy, but it also protects you. Over time and repeated it use, the quanta of Divine Intelligence blown into the stone, grows and expands to become a trusted, sacred ally or medicine stone. Ceremonial 5D Space is the best way to do this. Your stones love to work with awakened humans. Hold them and listen to it within your heart, they can tell you how best to use and work with them.

Sacred archetypes of the Four Directions

The Andean Shamans teachings provide a powerful context for changes, transformation and healing within the familiar map of the Four directions. My job as your guide is to help you remember you who are (a spiritual being having a human experience) and experience the living nature of everything. When we call in the four directions, we are engaging with the sacred life-force in all things.

Each direction offers a different level of perception, and comes with a sacred archetype or power animal, which helps us hold our intent for our fire ceremony “give-aways”.

As we move through each direction; we move through each level or perception. We begin in the South in our fire ceremonies.

  1. South Direction: Physical level – Rainbow Serpent. Teaches us to value the time we come together to sit by the fire to help create change within ourselves. As we change and heal ourselves, we heal and upgrade the collective consciousness of humanity.
  2. West Direction: Emotional level – Jaguar. Teaches us to come to the fire with open hearts and minds, regardless of how emotionally stressed and overwhelmed we are with the state of the world.
  3. North Direction: Soul level – Hummingbird. Teaches us to come together with the highest intents for ourselves and others to fulfill our soul mission.
  4. East Direction: Spirit level – Eagle of the North/Condor of the South. Teaches us to pay attention to the bigger picture and be willing to add our love and light to dream a better world into being.

Below are the detailed instructions for opening sacred space, conducting the sacred fire ceremony ritual, closing sacred space and what to expect afterwards.

  • Open Sacred Space
    Light your candle and have your toothpicks ready – these become your “spirit arrows” and represent anything within you that needs to be honored in order for you to let go of it.
  • There are the 6 sets of offerings you will make to your fire (candle flame) and serves to focus your attention in an active meditation.
  • Before entering into the fire ceremony with yourself and others, take a few centering, grounding, cleansing breaths. Then invoke your Highest Sacred Self, your I AM Presence, Supreme Light, Great Spirit.
  • Open Sacred Space by calling in the Four Direction’s sacred powers and energies (make this your own. I like to call in my Star Family, Healing, Ascension and Destiny Keeper Guardian Teams, as well as the Ascended Masters and the 12 Solar Archangels and Angelic Kingdom. Use the link provided here for how to call in the Four Directions and Open Sacred Space. https://thefourwinds.com/prayer-for-opening-sacred-space
  • Open your Wiracocha – bring your hands up above your head to your 8th chakra – your Soul Star (Golden Ball of Divine consciousness 8 inches above your head). Use your hands to touch into it and then with your hands, lower your arms, bring it down around you. Visualize it draped around your energy field down to and connected your Earth Star chakra (8 inches below your feet into the Earth).
  • Now you are being held within sacred, ceremonial space. We have stepped out of time and we are within the 5th dimensional realm where true change or healing can occur.
Mandala Fire Ceremony

We begin in the South Direction:
South is the place where we shed our past stories, anything that no longer serves our highest and best good…anything that blocks our physical light and luminosity.
Power Animal: Rainbow Serpent sees through eyes that do not judge.

Select one old story, one limiting belief or concept about yourself, one block you want to release to the energies of the South tonight.

Take your toothpick, visualize what you want to release, use your breath – blow 1 to 3 things you want to release into the toothpick.
Your intention and breath are key here. Make sure they are strong!
Then put the toothpick to the flame and release whatever you’ve chosen to release with love and forgiveness. Let the toothpick burn completely out before continuing.

Our Fire’s can be a thing of Beauty!
  • Next we move clockwise to the West Direction:
    West is the place of our emotional wounds – current, past life and ancestral trauma that needs to be cleared and healed so that it does not “inform” the present.
  • Power Animal: Jaguar sees the world through eyes that refuse to see what everyone else is seeing. She knows nothing is exactly as it appears to be.

    Select one emotional wound, one trauma, and one of your parents or ancestors you want to release to the energies of the West tonight.

    Take your toothpick, visualize what you want to release, use your breath – blow 1 to 3 things you want to release into the toothpick.
  • Your intention and breath are key here. Make sure they are strong!
  • Then put the toothpick to the flame and release whatever you’ve chosen to release with love and forgiveness. Let the toothpick burn completely out before continuing.
Honor the Light from Grandfather Sun contained within the flame of your candle.
  • Next we move clockwise to the North Direction:
    North is the place of the Ancient Ones, the Ancestors, Wisdom Keepers, Earth Keepers, that hold sacred knowledge, wisdom and sacred law.
  • Power Animal: Hummingbird sees everything exactly as it is.

    Select one old agreement, one secret you’ve been keeping from yourself, and one way you keep yourself invisible that you want to release to the energies of the North tonight.

    Take your toothpick, visualize what you want to release, use your breath – blow 1 to 3 things you want to release into the toothpick.
  • Your intention and breath are key here. Make sure they are strong!
  • Then put the toothpick to the flame and release whatever you’ve chosen to release with love and forgiveness. Let the toothpick burn completely out before continuing.
We invite the Winged Ones to come be with us in your Fire Ceremony!
  • Next we move clockwise to the East Direction:
    East represents the place of the rising Sun, the Gateway of Illumination and Enlightenment.
  • Power Animal: Eagle of the North, Condor of the South, the Winged Ones see everything – the curvature of the Earth and the smallest details of the ground below.
  • We align with God’s Divine Will and surrender to the purpose for which we embodied.
    Select one role in your life you would like to transcend, one aspect of yourself you are attached to or over-identified with, and one thing you feel fated to that you that you want to release to the energies of the East tonight.
    Take your toothpick, visualize what you want to release, use your breath – blow 1 to 3 things you want to release into the toothpick.
  • Your intention and breath are key here. Make sure they are strong!
  • Then put the toothpick to the flame and release whatever you’ve chosen to release with love and forgiveness. Let the toothpick burn completely out before continuing.

Soul Stick
As you moved through the four directions, blowing the things you want to give-away or release in your life, you now understand the process. You may feel that you left something out, so this is your opportunity to blow anything and everything you feel called within your Soul or True Self to fully release in your life.

If you feel complete in your give-aways for now, this is the opportunity to blow anything and everything you want to reclaim or welcome back into your life into this stick.

Blow your intentions and blow your prayers. Really go for it! Honor the multi-dimensional being that you are. Place the Soul Stick in your candle’s flame. Let the toothpick burn completely out before continuing.

Pachamama Stick
Use one toothpick to become your’s or your group’s Pachamama stick. The Pachamama stick is passed around the circle for everyone to blow one blessing into, to capture our individual prayers for Pachamama (Mother Earth).

After all the offerings are made, the person leading the fire ceremony places the Pachamama stick in their candle. Let the toothpick burn completely out before continuing.

Close Sacred Space
As we close the fire ceremony, we must remember to give thanks to our higher selves that brought us to the ceremony, all the beautiful Beings of Light, the sacred energies and powers that helped us on our healing journey today and release them all back to the Light from which they came.

Then we close our Wiracocha (Soul Star) and find a way to gently extinguish our candle rather than blow it out. Best to do this by putting a cover over the flame so it will naturally go out rather than blowing on it.

There is a two-week period following a fire ceremony in which “instances of opportunity” appear. These “instances” provide the opportunity to translate your intent for healing into reality.

You are advised to think of the fire ceremony not as an instantaneous magical change, but rather an opening for healing distinctive habits and patterns. Recognize these “openings” and seize the opportunity to change your behavior in the real world. Then let the benevolent universe take care of the details. Aho!

I host monthly Zoom virtual Indoor Candle Fire Ceremonies with my friends, clients, students and other beautiful people each month. Please reach out to me to sign up and get the next date/time of the upcoming Fire Ceremony. You can contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

Why Do I Need to Deepen and Strengthen My Relationship with My I AM Presence?

Updated October 30, 2022

Connecting with your I AM Presence

Our concept of our I AM Presence needs to be expanded and our relationship strengthened and deepened before you are ready to “channel” any 5th dimensional Beings of Light or Galactic Star Beings. Before I elaborate, let me define I AM Presence.

What is our I AM Presence? Your I AM Presence is God/Goddess/All There Is/Source individualized as you. It is your Over Soul – inseparable from the Creator. You are a Soul expression of your I AM Presence embodied on Earth.

At this level of Christed consciousness, there is only Peace, Unity, Oneness, Divine Love, Light, Will, Harmony, etc. You can also experience a beautiful connection to All That Is, including all humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

This is not the popularized, generic term of your Higher Self which simply does not work to differentiate levels of consciousness and inner sensitivity that exist. The only way to pierce the psychic astral control matrix is to understand the levels of consciousness from 3D to 5D.

  • Let me break this down for you:
  • Physical Body- 3D
  • Etheric, Mental and Emotional Bodies – 4D (Divine Potential, Higher Mind, Clearing lower level emotional energies, memories and trauma and karma to step into Dharma)
  • Soul Self – 4D (Soul Contract, psychic gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Intuition, Past Life memories)
  • Inner Christ Self 4D-5D (Inner Knowing)
  • I AM Presence: 5D and beyond (Direct Knowing, Downloads, Language of Light, Higher Light Codes Activations and Initiations)

So now back to the topic at hand – Why do I Need to Deepen and Strengthen my Relationship with my I AM Presence?

Many people I work with desire to meet and establish a connection with Angelic Beings and other Beings of Light. They have experienced difficulties in connecting due to past life blocks or they have had negative experiences, such as psychic attack. Most spiritual seekers have not learned the different levels of consciousness, nor understand the difference in the types of beings that one can encounter in the lower octaves of psychic, astral 4th dimension.

Once a person learns about the levels listed above, they begin can to use Ascended master formulas, invocations, and techniques to pierce the psychic astral barrier and tap into the level of their Inner Christ Self (within their heart) and up into the higher level of consciousness of their I AM Presence. Its a very powerful, life affirming practice to become a dedicated student of one’s own beautiful I AM.

Once the connection to your I AM Presence has been firmly established and you consistently experience your spiritual confirmation signals, the next level of growth centers around establishing energetic protection. This requires establishing the ground rule that any Being of Light needs to check in and connect with your I AM Presence first.

In other words, the first protocol established with your I AM is: “No Thing – no energy vibration and consciousness; no Being, can come unto me without the power and permission of my I AM Presence.

Why is this necessary? You may not yet be aware, but you are essentially “channeling” or in primary communication with your I AM every day, if you are “Practicing the Presence”, as the Ascended Masters are fond of saying. When another Being of Light comes to “your upper room” to connect with you, they are essentially sending a shaft of their consciousness from where they reside, to your I AM Presence. Your I AM allows you to feel it in your uppermost chakras and then, your crown chakra is quickened.

For example, the frequency shift is subtle based upon the unique energetic signature of a 6D Pleiadean vs Ascended Mother Mary. In this way, they are not separate from us and are unified with your I AM consciousness. This is how they communicate remotely with the 3D/4D you.

Another very important concept that is often overlooked is this: Mother Mary is a vast Ascended Cosmic Being. She is no longer the embodied woman, who gave birth to Jesus. That is not who is contacting you. It is a filament of her magnificent, vast consciousness that is stranding into your I AM and connecting down your upper chakras into your crown to send you a message. The conduit is your I AM, not Mother Mary.

Ascended Beings send their “radiations” to your I AM and you can feel this strongly. It flows down into you from the higher dimensional planes where their consciousness is. They are Light Beings, not physical. Please do not require them to appear to you, please release this attachment. It is a guaranteed way to invite a 4D Faker/Trickster Beings to take on the “look and feel” of a great Being of Light and hook you with False Light information, while syphoning off your energy. You will feel drained, not uplifted. Then you will have to clear this “entity” from you.

Instead, please stay anchored in your I AM Presence and allow them to come through you in their true expanded Universal Light Matrix nature. Remember open body, open mind, open heart within a protected invincible force field of Christed Light.

When you feel the room fill with their radiation, then more of them is downloading and expanding their energy signature into your 3D-5D sacred space. That is why setting sacred space where you meditate is so important. In this way, you have a beautiful fluid field of Light that they can expand in through and around you. Both you and they are “safe” to “sojourn” together for a short time.

When I say Mother Mary or Christ Jesus has come in, the above is what I am referring to. They have not opened a portal and walked in looking like us. They are sending an aspect of themselves within a fluid field of 5D quantum consciousness, this enters into your protected field with a specific purpose or message. Through various Lightbody initiations they will come more often, when your energy body is upgraded to receive and communicate with them more easily.

Here is an example of establishing a deeper connection with your I AM Presence with the intention to be able to receive the energy, vibration, and consciousness (EVC) of the great Christed Beings of Light.

The invocation and protection protocol below is spoken in the first person to act as a guide for you.  Focus on taking a few relaxing breaths to center and ground yourself, then breathe deeply within the Divinity of your own heart.

I anchor my attention into the Christed three-fold flame within my heart – the Yellow (Illumination, Divine Wisdom), Pink (Divine Love), Blue (Divine Will) blazes forth now. I direct this beautiful three-fold flame to expand in, through, and around my energy field. My energy, vibration, and consciousness (EVC) immediately shifts from 3D to 4D. I now reach up higher and invoke my I AM Presence which shifts me higher into 5D connection. I affirm I am one and unified with my I AM Presence, sealing me within the quantum realms of 5D Christed Light.

I relax in the knowing that I am protected, as I draw down around me, the I AM field of invincible protection of Golden, White, Christed, Crystalline Light from the Office of the Christ, in through and around me now. I open and activate my Soul Star (8th Chakra – 8 inches above my head) and with my hands/arms draw it down around me to connect to my Earth Star Chakra (8 inches below my feet). I send it further down into the heart of Pachamama (Mother Earth) to ground me and anchor me with the Divine Mother within this Christed Container of Light.

I now reach up and invoke the Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth – Grandfather Sun, The Shamans of Light, my Star Family, my Healing, Ascension and Destiny Teams, along with the Ascended Masters and Angelic Kingdom that wish to work with me (my Omitakoyasin). I am That I AM! (Now I am definitely tapped into 5D and beyond.)

I now affirm, I AM in control and only the highest resonating Beings of Light have my permission to contact me and come close. I pause and take a deep breath. Now, if I feel a presence that is strange or new, I need to ask, “Do you come in the name of the Christ?”

If they say, “Yes”, I should immediately receive a beautiful signal (vision or feeling) that they are of the highest Love and Light. There is no rushing towards me, no trespass. They wait and respect you. They are not there to intrude, trap, attach to, or trick you. If you get a beautiful signal, you breathe, pause and ask your I AM Presence, “Is this Spiritual Being here to connect to me for my highest and best good? Shall I proceed to connect to this True Being of Light?

If you get a “No”, do not proceed! It means something is off or not quite right. You can ask your I AM (not the Being), “What is the issue?”, “Who is this Being?”  Or if you get no response, you need to invoke your I AM Presence and do a Violet Flame clearing on yourself immediately.

Please see my blog article on using the Violet Flame to clear unseen negative energies or entities, https://starshamanmessenger.com/clearing-unseen-negative-energies-and-entities/

Ask you I AM to help you clear the energetic blocks to help you more deeply connect with this highest aspect of yourself, your best friend, the individualize spark of Source that you are. This is never about the Being contacting you. This is about you and your connection with your I AM.

If it is a Light Being, he/she will wait for another opportunity or time to connect with you, if you are blocked or doing this clearing process. A lower astral trickster being will not wait, but look for way in during your short moment of inquiry, confusion, curiosity, or the opposite – your lack of inquiry or following protocol.

When you are not certain, ask a total of 3 times, “Do you come in the name of the Christ”. By then, the negatives are laughing and looking to see where they can bypass your vertical 3D-5D connection and protective force field. They’ll try find a way push their way in, or just hang around. You will feel pressure, yucky, weird, heavy energy – these are not of the Christ vibration! You need to step into your Spiritual Authority and banish and rebuke them in the name above all names, Christ Jesus, the Office of the Christ, all that is sacred and holy and Mother/Father God, your Christed I AM Presence.

The greys and Lizzies will not hesitate to trick you, hoping you will take their pretend higher astral energies as 5D, and readily lie. They do not care about Cosmic Law unless the Guardian Hosts – the Lyrans or Sirans security teams are called in. Then they submit and leave you alone. In fact, they are often taken up to a waiting Galactic Federation ship. If they are from the Orion grey collective, like Elana Danaan says, tell them to “F__k off” and they will! There is no violation here using this term, when they or other beings are trying to violate your Sovereignty. Strong boundaries are essential!

The point I want to make to you, is that you are never really channeling an entity outside of your Christ and I AM Presence, as they are blended in with this highest aspect of you. That is how these beings work – always staying within Cosmic Law — they come through the power and permission of your I AM Presence, not your needy wounded abandoned child that says pick me! You don’t just proclaim this protocol, and then not apply it out of curiosity, or getting caught up in the moment.

Every time you do not follow this protocol and allow your naïve, lower human ego self to connect with and then “channel” a 4D psychic astral being, you will learn. I did, over and over, until “I got it”! It was great on the job training, so it wasn’t wasted. I learned and am now an expert at the “lower astral, negative” genre of beings that are peddling false light, false info. I learned to become a master of the various ways they can be quickly cleared and sent into the Light. Over time, they all have pretty much the same discordant vibration. They see my protected energy field and high Guardian Spirit Teams, upgraded Sovereignty Clauses in my Soul Contract and most importantly that I “see” them, so they move on.

Please see my blog article on using Upgrading the Sovereignty Clause of your Soul Contract, https://starshamanmessenger.com/upgrade-your-sovereignty-clause-of-your-soul-contract/

Unfortunately, over time the foundational Ascended Master teachings from the 70’s and 80’s have been diluted as new generations of seekers come on the scene. They and their follower’s think channeling “Spirit Guides” is fun, hip, easy, no big deal, a breeze – this is because of the New Age infiltration and false light teachings. Clearing people of these fake Spirit Guides that are negatively influencing their lives or even possessing them, makes up half of my Shamanic energy healing practice.

Please see my Sessions Overview and Approach: https://starshamanmessenger.com/sessions-overview-and-approach/

There are simple, straight forward protocols to establish and follow and then you are safe and can relax. If you do not uphold these protocols, the lower astral beings and negative aliens will find a way in because your I AM Presence is not a rescuer. It will allow you to have these lessons until you figure it out. No short cuts are allowed. No access to the higher Light Beings are granted until you become more humble, patient and deeply attuned to your beautiful I AM Presence.

This is why I emphasize these important methods and concepts in my Self Mastery course (https://starshamanmessenger.com/classes-and-support-groups-coming-soon/), My students quickly come to realize they need to daily meditate and cultivate a closer relationship with their own divinity – their I AM Presence.

For example, when you have questions, ask you I AM to call in the perfect Being/s of Light so that all of you can have a nice meeting to get the answers you seek. Stay on the straight and narrow path vertically and allow your I AM, in the highest realms of Illumined Truth to masterfully coordinate, organize and see to all of your Earthly needs being met, your questions answered, your health, financial, work, relationship issues resolved.

Put your I AM Presence to work for you…and discover how through the power and permission of your I AM, you can call on Angels and Ascended or Star Beings to come to your aid when needed. Remember these Beings understand the Universal protocol and Cosmic Law. They designed it! So once called, they will strand in, integrate their EVC with your own Christed I AM Consciousness and communicate or send you healing energy. There is nothing but Unity and Oneness in these higher dimensions, so that is how they invite us to operate with them.

Please take this final point to heart, your I AM Presence is the only one you are ever really channeling. Your I AM is the Perfected,  Ascended You, known in other Star Systems, Galactic High Councils, the Courts of Heaven, the Karmic Board! It is the great over-seer and orchestrator of your Soul Mission. You have your Highest Sacred I AM Self as your best ally.

You are already Divine, Sovereign, Ascended and Free! Enjoy getting to know your I AM Presence.

I AM Oshara, Keeper of the Flame of Light and Truth within Humanity’s Hearts! Aho!

Questions? Contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

Life Coaching and Suport Sessions with Oshara StarShaman https://starshamanmessenger.com

Many of us are being called to upgrade our 3D self to reflect our 5D Divine Self!

I am always honored to provide on-going support, mentoring and coaching after you have completed 3 sessions with me. This ensures that you understand my healing methodologies and approach to self empowerment. You have cleared intrusive energies, helped to heal your ancestors and bloodline, cleared current and past life trauma, released old agreements, experienced a soul retrieval.

You have upgraded your luminous energy field and connected with your I AM Presence, your power animals, and Guardian Healing, Ascension and Destiny Keeper Teams.

These sessions can be weekly or monthly check-in calls via phone or Zoom.
Fees are $100/hr.
I offer support calls for current clients and students to support their growth, answer questions, share additional spiritual practices and, even give homework assignments, which are all centered around the Ascension process.

The next best step is to consider signing up for my “Course in Self-Mastery, Inner Sensitivity Development and Ascension Practices to continue your self-empowerment journey. This course builds a strong connection with your Higher Self, deepens your discernment and expands your spiritual authority, so that you can clear and protect yourself during this, sometimes, challenging Planetary Ascension cycle.

Questions? Contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

Goddess Codes of Light Activation

Awaken your Inner High Priestess and install the Goddess Codes of Creation in your energy field, chakras, especially your sacred womb space!

Activate your Goddess Codes of Light!

The Divine Sponsor for this unique and powerful transmission of Divine Grace is beloved Mother Mary and her luminous Angels of Restoration and Purity.

For many years the Codes of Light, held by the great Sisterhoods of Light, originating in our Guardian Star Families, in various Star Systems, have been transmitting these Galactic Codes of Light and Divine Intelligence into the Earth’s crystalline grids, vortexes and power spots to heal her Lightbody from the control matrix.

What is the Goddess Codes of Light Activation?
Imagine for a moment, that you hold the Goddess Codes of Creation within your sacred Heart and Womb space. You have been blessed to use these divine energies within you to channel your truth, express your authentic self, and give birth to your creative expressions and projects with ease and grace. This is both a humbling and profound concept, but very real! The Galactic High Councils are now authorizing this special dispensation and gift to humanity.

It is a multidimensional transmission of light codes that flow down through your energy body and chakras, into your awakened and healed womb space. This is part of the ascension process, for women to arise and awaken to their inner light, beauty, power and grace…to more easily manifest their inner most dreams and authentic selves. Together we can dream a beautiful, new, peaceful, loving world into being.

This a powerful download, an activation, initiation, attunement and empowerment all in one powerful transmission of higher codes of light that is unique for each person.

Prerequisite is the Munay-ki Rite of the Womb transmission: http://theriteofthewomb.com/the-rites/
I am initiated to transmit the Right of the Womb, so that your womb space is cleared of any current, past life, and/or ancestral trauma to prepare you for this higher light activation.

  • Goddess Codes of Light Activation process:
  • Initiation of the High Priestess Archetype within you cellular matrix. Many women have been high priestesses in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and in other Star Systems. This reawakens your cellular memory and pulls forward the spiritual gifts from these lifetimes
  • Earth (Pachamama) Activation of the current codes of light held within your Soul.
  • Galactic Activation of the Goddess Codes of Creation as authorized by the Sirian High Council and my Sirian High Priestess Healing Team.
    • Using a special Light Language, I call them in. A gateway is opened and each person experiences 3 Sirian High Priestess enter your prepared, sacred space.
    • They begin to transmit 5-6D crystalline codes of divine light into your upper chakras first and then down your central channel into all your chakras.
    • The crystalline light flows down through you into the Earth to bless her awakening and ascension fully into 5D expression. We are One with Mother Gaia!
    • Special attention given to the crown, third eye, heart and sacral chakras.
  • Soul and Womb Attunement occurs as part of the integration of these light codes.
    • Your Soul Contract will be upgraded (as needed) to awaken your Service to all Life.
    • Your Womb Space receives a beautiful diamond white crystalline bowl, filled with light codes. (They look like small white crystal bars or coins with light language symbols on them; awash in a beautiful crystalline bowl of liquid light).
  • Soul Empowerment – These codes are installed as “seeds of your becoming”. It is up to your to meditate and work with them regularly to fully activate them and your unique expression of the High Priestess archetype and you Path of Service in this Life.

Connect with women around the world who are joining the New Earth’s Sisterhood of Light as part of our individual, collective, and planetary restoration and ascension journey.

The Rite of the Womb and Goddess Codes of Light Activation are transmitted remotely for individuals, small and large groups.

I am here for you, in Service to the Goddess Codes of Light!
Much Love and Abundant Blessings!
Questions? Contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

We’re the Disclosure we’ve been waiting for!

I love this prayer or invocation. I use a variation of this at night when I take my 4 dogs out for their “potty walk” before we all go to bed. I reach my hands up and call on the Galactic Federation of Worlds to help us, to assist humanity to heal and fully awaken to our divine, spiritual multi-dimensional nature. I ask them to prepare us to receive them – to open our hearts and still our negative mind chatter. I specifically ask our benevolent Galactic Family to activate full Disclosure world-wide, to bring forth their beautiful healing, free energy, galactic interstellar travel, and other technologies that will upgrade all our lives and clean up the toxins in/on the planet. I ask that all of this be made available to all the people of Earth/Terra/Gaia, not just an elite few.

The purpose of this article is to share that we truly are the one’s we’ve been waiting for. There are over 100,000 million starseeds embodied on Earth at this time – if not more. It does not take everyone on Earth to full awaken, take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions to allow the Earth to Ascend. It takes approximately 2% of the population at a minimum. So the numbers are in our favor and we can continue to take responsibility for our awakening and healing process. This is happening right now, everywhere!

People everywhere are starting to remember that we are multi-dimensional beings who live in a multi-dimensional Universe. Many of us are starting to remember our previous lives – retrieving different levels of our higher consciousness and aspects of our higher nature. We are at a minimum 3D, 4D, 5D beings right now. At the 3D level is our physical body or avatar, at the 4D level is our etheric, mental and emotional bodies. These comprise our 4 lower bodies that need to be cleansed, cleared, restored, upgraded in order to be open and anchored within the framework of our 5D+ I AM Presence.

The heart is the gateway of the Soul and 5D consciousness. An open heart allows us to connect to our Highest Sacred Self and act on the natural impulse to cultivate a relationship with the Divine and all its expressions — Truth, Justice, Harmony, Unity, Oneness, Compassion, Empathy, Love for Humanity, the Earth and the Elemental (Nature Kingdom) and all her lifeforms. 5D is not a goal or destination – it is a gateway to the greater spiritual aspects of our multi-dimensional consciousness – the higher spiritual realms, the Archangels (Angelic Kingdom), Ascended Masters and our Star Families. Moving forward, cultivating a connection to your Higher Self, to Source – the One Creator-Giver of All Life – will allow your Galactic Star family to come closer to and eventually connect with you. They are watching and waiting.

Then there are people, like myself, that have been gifted to be an Ambassador of sorts to help make introductions between Starseeds and their Star Family. Many Starseeds are already connected to and working with their Star Family, various High Councils and the Galactic Federation. The Ambassador role is not always easy, and not always welcomed on various system of worlds. But it part of my retrieved memories from my Pleiadian Star Family. I have played this role on number of past Galactic Federation missions. This time contact will occur from the ground up. Many Starseeds on are recon missions now, preparing the way for larger contact. Keep praying for their help and invoking the Light of God into the outer-world events. Do whatever you feel called within you to do to help bring us all closer to contact and disclosure.

Questions? Email me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

What is your Star Lineage?

Which Star Lineage do you feel the greatest affinity to?

The following are the primary Galactic Federation of World’s benevolent races that have committed a large contingency of “embodied Starseed ground crew” to help clear the old dense 3D/4D control matrix and download the new Ascension light codes to heal the Earth/Terra/Gaia planetary bodies and crystalline grids. Many of are here to ensure the Ascension timeline is fully activated, monitored and secured. Most awakened Starseeds, Indigos, Lightworkers, Shamans, Healers, Psychics are aware that we are in a multi-dimensional timeline war to take back our planet during this Ascension cycle.

LYRA – The general area of the “birth” of the humanoid race. It is home to a plethora of worlds. All humanoid races in our galactic family have genetic roots connected to Lyra. It is the symbolic harp upon which the song of humanity is played. We could all say that we came from Lyra. They are often time called our Guardian Founder race.

SIRIUS – A trinary star group, it is known in Earth mythology as the Dog Star. Sirius was one of the first areas to be colonized by beings from the Lyran star group. Sirius embodied the energy of the triadic template and perpetuated the drive toward integration. There is a large variety of consciousness types that incarnate in this system.

PLEIADES – Colonized by Lyran offshoots, this group is Earth’s main genetic connection from extraterrestrial sources. The Pleiades has two primary stars containing planets settled by the Lyrans – Taygeta and Alcyone. The various Pleiadian races support Humanity’s awakening, as they promote spiritual evolution. They became well known publically due to their contact with the US Gov in the 1940’s. The Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) sent Valiant Thor, as he was called, to teach us about hyper-space travel with the purpose to speed up Earth’s technological evolution. There are more Pleiadian starseeds than other Star Races.

ARCTURUS – This star system contains a beautiful blue planet orbiting a red giant star Arturus. They are associated with the Blue Ray. This is one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy – highly developed culturally, technologically and spiritually. They are an archetype or future-self ideal of ascended Earth/Terra/Gaia. The Arcturians assist in healing both personal and planetary consciousness. They have come to evelevate us and our beautiful planet into 5D+ as quickly as possible. If you are naturally gifted in technology, science, research you might be an Arcturian Starseed. Their vibration and consciousness extends from the 6th to the 9th dimension.

ANDROMEDA CONSTELLATION– The Zenae Andromedans are very high dimensional beings that have been attributed to the angelic kingdom due to some of this race’s ability to reaching non-physical 12D frequency. The majority are humanoid with blue-gold skin and are often mistaken for Arcturians because they are extremely spiritual race, equivalent to the 9D Ohorai Arcturians. They originate from, as do most benevolent star races do, to the Taal Lyrans. They are spiritual warriors, creating their own Andromeda High Council which is non-physical. They are their increasing their interaction with Earth, alongside the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They have forseen we are at a tipping point in our history after thousands of years of the negative control agenda. More young people are Andromeda Starseeds, while the 1st wavers, like myself are Plieadian.
Note: It is very important to pay close attention to the difference between the Andromeda Constellation benevolent races vs. the Andromeda Galaxy negative races.

ORION – This is the main “battleground” for the challenge of polarity integration, seeded from Sirius as well as Lyra and Vega. There is a direct connection with Earth, as explored in later chapters (Orion). Many star races have interacted with the Orion Council of Light to provide assisted during the Orion Electrical Wars. There are many starseeds that hold trauma from this war that offers a huge opportunity for healing while embodied on Earth. If you have vague feelings of somehow being involved in the large conflict, contact me so that I can help you. I had two embodiments that revolved around this Dark vs Light experience. I have regained these memories so that I can help refugee souls seeking asylum here on Earth.

Note: This information comes from a variety of internet sources and channels, along with my own connection to the various “Guardian Starbeing Teams” I am in contact with. I highly recommend Elena Danaan’s book, “A Gift from the Stars – Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races“. It is a very accurate, first hand account of abduction and contact – providing detailed information and illustrations of Galactic Star Races. I honor Elana for coming forward and sharing her story about her abduction, rescue and ongoing relationship with the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW). She sparked a larger galactic disclosure and opportunity for acceptance and healing of abductees. Its had a positive impact on opening hearts and minds in the collective field of human awakening.

Questions? Contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

Calling all Starseeds, Indigo Warriors, Energy Healers, Psychics, Ascension Seekers!

Join me in sacred space where I assist you to recalibrate your 3D/4D energies…come into alignment with our true spiritual nature and repair your 5D Lightbody.

The “4D gap” is where the psychic/astral clearing work needs to done so you can more easily hold 5D+ frequencies of Quantum Light.

In this way, we earn the privilege of holding 5D Ascended energies on 3D/4D Earth…we upgrade our lives, our communities, and the collective consciousness of humanity!

Many of us have incarnated to help end a 3rd Density evolutionary experience on the 3D Earth. 3D is a place where we get the opportunity to learn, grow and work off the karma from previous lives and experience limited growth opportunities due to the suppressive control energies that have installed themselves here.

Many of us have a felt a “heart call” to step off this wheel of reincarnation and so we volunteered to embody and to participate in this grand ascension cycle. I know that part of my role in service to Source Light is to help people navigate the journey into the higher frequencies of light and their highest potential and possibilities.

In 4th Density we begin to realize that we are the creators of our reality – we create our personal reality from the inside out. We must undertake an archetypal “hero’s journey” to challenge the status quo; and as we do we realize we need to take steps to clear out our personal socio-religious programming, heal our wounded places, our ancestral karma/our genetic lineage. Even past life traumas need to be addressed.

As we clear and heal ourselves – we raise our frequency. In this way, all Life, everywhere, is lifted up in energy, vibration and consciousness. We find we really want to take up space, to claim our voice, to share our gifts. We learn new ways of being, we understand this is a journey of reclaim who we truly are as angelic humans. In this way we help each other heal and learn along the way – we are gathering the tools of Truth, Light and Love that we need to evolve and hold higher frequencies of Light.

In 5th Density we stabilize in a higher, beautiful connection with our Higher Self and Teams in Spirit. In 5D manifestation becomes a natural part of our being because we have learned to trust again and we put our Light Teams to work for us.

We ask for Spirit Teams to help us in all areas of our lives: learning, healing, marketing, finances, communication, creative opportunities, writing and publishing our works,  making earthly and higher dimensional connections, attracting loving relationships, handling our family and other earthly issues and challenges.

We meet with our Spirit Teams each morning in our meditations – just like a business status meeting. They help us to see with “eyes of an eagle” the bigger picture, help us build our discernment so we take on new opportunities we once were afraid to take on and say, “No” to people and things that no longer serve our highest good. 

We download new ways of seeing and being from 5D into 3D. We experience having an abundance of loving resources who are assisting us fulfill our Soul Purpose with Ease and Grace. We have awakened the inner Christ, expanded our mental roadmap to live within an “unlimited resources” reality, expanded our dreams beyond ourselves, experience a beautiful connection to the both the beauty of nature, the Devas of the Elemental Kingdom and the Planetary Divine Intelligence. We live now above the old control matrix – old programming continues to dissolve – we transmute daily the things that no longer serve us or feel of the Light. We wake up each day with joy and anticipation, connect to the wonderful 5D quantum crystalline realms of Light and Love.

Thank you to all of you for undertaking this Ascension journey together!   

Questions? Check out my energy healing session offerings here: https://starshamanmessenger.com/sessions-overview-and-approach/
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How Energy Healing Works to Restore Physical Wellness

As an Energy Field Clearing and Healing expert, I witness the challenge and results that stem from a lack of awareness and disconnect of how the energy body affects the physical body’s overall health. During this Ascension cycle we are undergoing a physical Ascension. This makes maintaining your energy field in a clear, pure state as possible critical to your overall ascension progress.

And when you energy field is clear, it actually is easier to start and maintain a high vibing physical health and wellness program. You just want to continue to feel great and continuously are motivated to explore the methods that will up-level your health and luminous field. You cannot have a clear energy field and chakra system if you are not practicing an upgraded, clean eating program, drinking pure water (2x more than you think you need), finding ways to be in nature and doing some form of exercise daily.

Clearing your etheric, mental and emotional bodies of all the negative memories, traumas, limiting beliefs, and the emotions you have taken on from other people around you who are struggling in fear or fully anchored in 3D ego awareness…are all key components of a active wellness program which is your Ascension program. You cannot separate your the current opportunity of spiritual evolution, planetary soul activation from your body’s physical cells and DNA. They are intricately connected and one impacts the other.

As we clear at all levels of our being, we can hold higher resonating frequencies of loving detachment, inner peace, compassion, and allowance for each soul on the planet to experience the results of their free will choice.

I work with people’s energy fields in order to read and clear what does not support their wholeness as an embodied Soul – with a beautiful, often powerful life mission.

Distance is not a restriction as my mind can be directed to other parts of the world in a breath and I can then read that person’s energy field, their intrusive energies, as well as their Soul Contract.

I understand that a person’s Higher Self and Spirit Guides, and even their conscious mind, know that it wants a change, to be able to feel clearer, healthier or free. However the other 90% of their being is stuck in the past and is expressing major resistance and would prefer to stay in their comfort zone.

People can even become ill due to this disconnect because they are not sensing when something isn’t right for them, whether its food, a person or situation.

They are not sensing or aware of what it is they are exactly feeling or picking up on. They may feel uncomfortable for just a few seconds, then it passes. This discomfort is quickly forgotten or they just shake it off.

A lot of the time they are picking up emotions and mental beliefs from others that don’t belong to them. This is very common for empaths without strong boundaries or knowledge of how to work on their inner selves or clear negative energies. During this Ascension cycle the Universal Shadow is rising to be witnessed and transformed. With it comes disconcerting information about the dark forces, mind control, deception practices, and false light control mechanisms. Fear is rampant within the collective consciousness which people pick up and then become energetically polluted.

Due to the porousness of their energy fields, they take on the negative energies and emotions, identifying it as their own because they are not clear within themselves. They are expressing what energy healers call being “energetically in-congruent” within themselves. They stopped listening to their hearts and trusting their internal Truth barometers. Truth is unfortunately, being conditioned out of the population, to be replaced by culturally mandated trust in government and authority that does not always have our highest good in mind.

I help my clients release these impacted emotional energies as a first step in their clearing process. Releasing the blocks within each chakra and the emotional and mental bodies within the overall energy field can truly upgrade a person’s health and well being. When the chakras and energy field are clear of psychic debris, a lot of old dense energy is released, restoring a person’s sense of self. Then I work with current life traumas and relationships, which opens up the the time lines of the ancestors, as well as the past life history. Clearing the old karmic agreements, timeline, ancestral trauma, even the bloodline has profound positive effects on a person’s health and well being – their sense of wholeness is restored.

Timeline work is an intricate part of the clairvoyant tracking work I do to assist what needs to be released from the past. This allows higher energies of love, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace, etc. that were blocked many generations or in previous lifetimes to flow into the present. This in turn creates a future that is more in alignment with the Soul’s mission and the Ascension energies flowing into the Planet.

Questions? Contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com