Why Do I Need to Deepen and Strengthen My Relationship with My I AM Presence?

Updated October 30, 2022

Connecting with your I AM Presence

Our concept of our I AM Presence needs to be expanded and our relationship strengthened and deepened before you are ready to “channel” any 5th dimensional Beings of Light or Galactic Star Beings. Before I elaborate, let me define I AM Presence.

What is our I AM Presence? Your I AM Presence is God/Goddess/All There Is/Source individualized as you. It is your Over Soul – inseparable from the Creator. You are a Soul expression of your I AM Presence embodied on Earth.

At this level of Christed consciousness, there is only Peace, Unity, Oneness, Divine Love, Light, Will, Harmony, etc. You can also experience a beautiful connection to All That Is, including all humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

This is not the popularized, generic term of your Higher Self which simply does not work to differentiate levels of consciousness and inner sensitivity that exist. The only way to pierce the psychic astral control matrix is to understand the levels of consciousness from 3D to 5D.

  • Let me break this down for you:
  • Physical Body- 3D
  • Etheric, Mental and Emotional Bodies – 4D (Divine Potential, Higher Mind, Clearing lower level emotional energies, memories and trauma and karma to step into Dharma)
  • Soul Self – 4D (Soul Contract, psychic gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Intuition, Past Life memories)
  • Inner Christ Self 4D-5D (Inner Knowing)
  • I AM Presence: 5D and beyond (Direct Knowing, Downloads, Language of Light, Higher Light Codes Activations and Initiations)

So now back to the topic at hand – Why do I Need to Deepen and Strengthen my Relationship with my I AM Presence?

Many people I work with desire to meet and establish a connection with Angelic Beings and other Beings of Light. They have experienced difficulties in connecting due to past life blocks or they have had negative experiences, such as psychic attack. Most spiritual seekers have not learned the different levels of consciousness, nor understand the difference in the types of beings that one can encounter in the lower octaves of psychic, astral 4th dimension.

Once a person learns about the levels listed above, they begin can to use Ascended master formulas, invocations, and techniques to pierce the psychic astral barrier and tap into the level of their Inner Christ Self (within their heart) and up into the higher level of consciousness of their I AM Presence. Its a very powerful, life affirming practice to become a dedicated student of one’s own beautiful I AM.

Once the connection to your I AM Presence has been firmly established and you consistently experience your spiritual confirmation signals, the next level of growth centers around establishing energetic protection. This requires establishing the ground rule that any Being of Light needs to check in and connect with your I AM Presence first.

In other words, the first protocol established with your I AM is: “No Thing – no energy vibration and consciousness; no Being, can come unto me without the power and permission of my I AM Presence.

Why is this necessary? You may not yet be aware, but you are essentially “channeling” or in primary communication with your I AM every day, if you are “Practicing the Presence”, as the Ascended Masters are fond of saying. When another Being of Light comes to “your upper room” to connect with you, they are essentially sending a shaft of their consciousness from where they reside, to your I AM Presence. Your I AM allows you to feel it in your uppermost chakras and then, your crown chakra is quickened.

For example, the frequency shift is subtle based upon the unique energetic signature of a 6D Pleiadean vs Ascended Mother Mary. In this way, they are not separate from us and are unified with your I AM consciousness. This is how they communicate remotely with the 3D/4D you.

Another very important concept that is often overlooked is this: Mother Mary is a vast Ascended Cosmic Being. She is no longer the embodied woman, who gave birth to Jesus. That is not who is contacting you. It is a filament of her magnificent, vast consciousness that is stranding into your I AM and connecting down your upper chakras into your crown to send you a message. The conduit is your I AM, not Mother Mary.

Ascended Beings send their “radiations” to your I AM and you can feel this strongly. It flows down into you from the higher dimensional planes where their consciousness is. They are Light Beings, not physical. Please do not require them to appear to you, please release this attachment. It is a guaranteed way to invite a 4D Faker/Trickster Beings to take on the “look and feel” of a great Being of Light and hook you with False Light information, while syphoning off your energy. You will feel drained, not uplifted. Then you will have to clear this “entity” from you.

Instead, please stay anchored in your I AM Presence and allow them to come through you in their true expanded Universal Light Matrix nature. Remember open body, open mind, open heart within a protected invincible force field of Christed Light.

When you feel the room fill with their radiation, then more of them is downloading and expanding their energy signature into your 3D-5D sacred space. That is why setting sacred space where you meditate is so important. In this way, you have a beautiful fluid field of Light that they can expand in through and around you. Both you and they are “safe” to “sojourn” together for a short time.

When I say Mother Mary or Christ Jesus has come in, the above is what I am referring to. They have not opened a portal and walked in looking like us. They are sending an aspect of themselves within a fluid field of 5D quantum consciousness, this enters into your protected field with a specific purpose or message. Through various Lightbody initiations they will come more often, when your energy body is upgraded to receive and communicate with them more easily.

Here is an example of establishing a deeper connection with your I AM Presence with the intention to be able to receive the energy, vibration, and consciousness (EVC) of the great Christed Beings of Light.

The invocation and protection protocol below is spoken in the first person to act as a guide for you.  Focus on taking a few relaxing breaths to center and ground yourself, then breathe deeply within the Divinity of your own heart.

I anchor my attention into the Christed three-fold flame within my heart – the Yellow (Illumination, Divine Wisdom), Pink (Divine Love), Blue (Divine Will) blazes forth now. I direct this beautiful three-fold flame to expand in, through, and around my energy field. My energy, vibration, and consciousness (EVC) immediately shifts from 3D to 4D. I now reach up higher and invoke my I AM Presence which shifts me higher into 5D connection. I affirm I am one and unified with my I AM Presence, sealing me within the quantum realms of 5D Christed Light.

I relax in the knowing that I am protected, as I draw down around me, the I AM field of invincible protection of Golden, White, Christed, Crystalline Light from the Office of the Christ, in through and around me now. I open and activate my Soul Star (8th Chakra – 8 inches above my head) and with my hands/arms draw it down around me to connect to my Earth Star Chakra (8 inches below my feet). I send it further down into the heart of Pachamama (Mother Earth) to ground me and anchor me with the Divine Mother within this Christed Container of Light.

I now reach up and invoke the Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth – Grandfather Sun, The Shamans of Light, my Star Family, my Healing, Ascension and Destiny Teams, along with the Ascended Masters and Angelic Kingdom that wish to work with me (my Omitakoyasin). I am That I AM! (Now I am definitely tapped into 5D and beyond.)

I now affirm, I AM in control and only the highest resonating Beings of Light have my permission to contact me and come close. I pause and take a deep breath. Now, if I feel a presence that is strange or new, I need to ask, “Do you come in the name of the Christ?”

If they say, “Yes”, I should immediately receive a beautiful signal (vision or feeling) that they are of the highest Love and Light. There is no rushing towards me, no trespass. They wait and respect you. They are not there to intrude, trap, attach to, or trick you. If you get a beautiful signal, you breathe, pause and ask your I AM Presence, “Is this Spiritual Being here to connect to me for my highest and best good? Shall I proceed to connect to this True Being of Light?

If you get a “No”, do not proceed! It means something is off or not quite right. You can ask your I AM (not the Being), “What is the issue?”, “Who is this Being?”  Or if you get no response, you need to invoke your I AM Presence and do a Violet Flame clearing on yourself immediately.

Please see my blog article on using the Violet Flame to clear unseen negative energies or entities, https://starshamanmessenger.com/clearing-unseen-negative-energies-and-entities/

Ask you I AM to help you clear the energetic blocks to help you more deeply connect with this highest aspect of yourself, your best friend, the individualize spark of Source that you are. This is never about the Being contacting you. This is about you and your connection with your I AM.

If it is a Light Being, he/she will wait for another opportunity or time to connect with you, if you are blocked or doing this clearing process. A lower astral trickster being will not wait, but look for way in during your short moment of inquiry, confusion, curiosity, or the opposite – your lack of inquiry or following protocol.

When you are not certain, ask a total of 3 times, “Do you come in the name of the Christ”. By then, the negatives are laughing and looking to see where they can bypass your vertical 3D-5D connection and protective force field. They’ll try find a way push their way in, or just hang around. You will feel pressure, yucky, weird, heavy energy – these are not of the Christ vibration! You need to step into your Spiritual Authority and banish and rebuke them in the name above all names, Christ Jesus, the Office of the Christ, all that is sacred and holy and Mother/Father God, your Christed I AM Presence.

The greys and Lizzies will not hesitate to trick you, hoping you will take their pretend higher astral energies as 5D, and readily lie. They do not care about Cosmic Law unless the Guardian Hosts – the Lyrans or Sirans security teams are called in. Then they submit and leave you alone. In fact, they are often taken up to a waiting Galactic Federation ship. If they are from the Orion grey collective, like Elana Danaan says, tell them to “F__k off” and they will! There is no violation here using this term, when they or other beings are trying to violate your Sovereignty. Strong boundaries are essential!

The point I want to make to you, is that you are never really channeling an entity outside of your Christ and I AM Presence, as they are blended in with this highest aspect of you. That is how these beings work – always staying within Cosmic Law — they come through the power and permission of your I AM Presence, not your needy wounded abandoned child that says pick me! You don’t just proclaim this protocol, and then not apply it out of curiosity, or getting caught up in the moment.

Every time you do not follow this protocol and allow your naïve, lower human ego self to connect with and then “channel” a 4D psychic astral being, you will learn. I did, over and over, until “I got it”! It was great on the job training, so it wasn’t wasted. I learned and am now an expert at the “lower astral, negative” genre of beings that are peddling false light, false info. I learned to become a master of the various ways they can be quickly cleared and sent into the Light. Over time, they all have pretty much the same discordant vibration. They see my protected energy field and high Guardian Spirit Teams, upgraded Sovereignty Clauses in my Soul Contract and most importantly that I “see” them, so they move on.

Please see my blog article on using Upgrading the Sovereignty Clause of your Soul Contract, https://starshamanmessenger.com/upgrade-your-sovereignty-clause-of-your-soul-contract/

Unfortunately, over time the foundational Ascended Master teachings from the 70’s and 80’s have been diluted as new generations of seekers come on the scene. They and their follower’s think channeling “Spirit Guides” is fun, hip, easy, no big deal, a breeze – this is because of the New Age infiltration and false light teachings. Clearing people of these fake Spirit Guides that are negatively influencing their lives or even possessing them, makes up half of my Shamanic energy healing practice.

Please see my Sessions Overview and Approach: https://starshamanmessenger.com/sessions-overview-and-approach/

There are simple, straight forward protocols to establish and follow and then you are safe and can relax. If you do not uphold these protocols, the lower astral beings and negative aliens will find a way in because your I AM Presence is not a rescuer. It will allow you to have these lessons until you figure it out. No short cuts are allowed. No access to the higher Light Beings are granted until you become more humble, patient and deeply attuned to your beautiful I AM Presence.

This is why I emphasize these important methods and concepts in my Self Mastery course (https://starshamanmessenger.com/classes-and-support-groups-coming-soon/), My students quickly come to realize they need to daily meditate and cultivate a closer relationship with their own divinity – their I AM Presence.

For example, when you have questions, ask you I AM to call in the perfect Being/s of Light so that all of you can have a nice meeting to get the answers you seek. Stay on the straight and narrow path vertically and allow your I AM, in the highest realms of Illumined Truth to masterfully coordinate, organize and see to all of your Earthly needs being met, your questions answered, your health, financial, work, relationship issues resolved.

Put your I AM Presence to work for you…and discover how through the power and permission of your I AM, you can call on Angels and Ascended or Star Beings to come to your aid when needed. Remember these Beings understand the Universal protocol and Cosmic Law. They designed it! So once called, they will strand in, integrate their EVC with your own Christed I AM Consciousness and communicate or send you healing energy. There is nothing but Unity and Oneness in these higher dimensions, so that is how they invite us to operate with them.

Please take this final point to heart, your I AM Presence is the only one you are ever really channeling. Your I AM is the Perfected,  Ascended You, known in other Star Systems, Galactic High Councils, the Courts of Heaven, the Karmic Board! It is the great over-seer and orchestrator of your Soul Mission. You have your Highest Sacred I AM Self as your best ally.

You are already Divine, Sovereign, Ascended and Free! Enjoy getting to know your I AM Presence.

I AM Oshara, Keeper of the Flame of Light and Truth within Humanity’s Hearts! Aho!

Questions? Contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com

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