Goddess Codes of Light Activation

Awaken your Inner High Priestess and install the Goddess Codes of Creation in your energy field, chakras, especially your sacred womb space!

Activate your Goddess Codes of Light!

The Divine Sponsor for this unique and powerful transmission of Divine Grace is beloved Mother Mary and her luminous Angels of Restoration and Purity.

For many years the Codes of Light, held by the great Sisterhoods of Light, originating in our Guardian Star Families, in various Star Systems, have been transmitting these Galactic Codes of Light and Divine Intelligence into the Earth’s crystalline grids, vortexes and power spots to heal her Lightbody from the control matrix.

What is the Goddess Codes of Light Activation?
Imagine for a moment, that you hold the Goddess Codes of Creation within your sacred Heart and Womb space. You have been blessed to use these divine energies within you to channel your truth, express your authentic self, and give birth to your creative expressions and projects with ease and grace. This is both a humbling and profound concept, but very real! The Galactic High Councils are now authorizing this special dispensation and gift to humanity.

It is a multidimensional transmission of light codes that flow down through your energy body and chakras, into your awakened and healed womb space. This is part of the ascension process, for women to arise and awaken to their inner light, beauty, power and grace…to more easily manifest their inner most dreams and authentic selves. Together we can dream a beautiful, new, peaceful, loving world into being.

This a powerful download, an activation, initiation, attunement and empowerment all in one powerful transmission of higher codes of light that is unique for each person.

Prerequisite is the Munay-ki Rite of the Womb transmission: http://theriteofthewomb.com/the-rites/
I am initiated to transmit the Right of the Womb, so that your womb space is cleared of any current, past life, and/or ancestral trauma to prepare you for this higher light activation.

  • Goddess Codes of Light Activation process:
  • Initiation of the High Priestess Archetype within you cellular matrix. Many women have been high priestesses in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and in other Star Systems. This reawakens your cellular memory and pulls forward the spiritual gifts from these lifetimes
  • Earth (Pachamama) Activation of the current codes of light held within your Soul.
  • Galactic Activation of the Goddess Codes of Creation as authorized by the Sirian High Council and my Sirian High Priestess Healing Team.
    • Using a special Light Language, I call them in. A gateway is opened and each person experiences 3 Sirian High Priestess enter your prepared, sacred space.
    • They begin to transmit 5-6D crystalline codes of divine light into your upper chakras first and then down your central channel into all your chakras.
    • The crystalline light flows down through you into the Earth to bless her awakening and ascension fully into 5D expression. We are One with Mother Gaia!
    • Special attention given to the crown, third eye, heart and sacral chakras.
  • Soul and Womb Attunement occurs as part of the integration of these light codes.
    • Your Soul Contract will be upgraded (as needed) to awaken your Service to all Life.
    • Your Womb Space receives a beautiful diamond white crystalline bowl, filled with light codes. (They look like small white crystal bars or coins with light language symbols on them; awash in a beautiful crystalline bowl of liquid light).
  • Soul Empowerment – These codes are installed as “seeds of your becoming”. It is up to your to meditate and work with them regularly to fully activate them and your unique expression of the High Priestess archetype and you Path of Service in this Life.

Connect with women around the world who are joining the New Earth’s Sisterhood of Light as part of our individual, collective, and planetary restoration and ascension journey.

The Rite of the Womb and Goddess Codes of Light Activation are transmitted remotely for individuals, small and large groups.

I am here for you, in Service to the Goddess Codes of Light!
Much Love and Abundant Blessings!
Questions? Contact me at: starshamanmessenger@gmail.com