“Awaken the Spiritual Master Within” (Weekly Zoom class)

* This is more than a mediumship or psychic development class – this is an Introduction to Self-Mastery course that allows you to learn how to connect and receive your own spiritual information to better understand the Ascension Energies and Beings of Light that are working with you and enhancing your life at this time.Continue reading ““Awaken the Spiritual Master Within” (Weekly Zoom class)”

Goddess Codes of Light Activation

Awaken your Inner High Priestess and install the Goddess Codes of Creation in your energy field, chakras, especially your sacred womb space! The Divine Sponsor for this unique and powerful transmission of Divine Grace is beloved Mother Mary and her luminous Angels of Restoration and Purity. For many years the Codes of Light, held byContinue reading “Goddess Codes of Light Activation”

Calling all Starseeds, Indigo Warriors, Energy Healers, Psychics, Ascension Seekers!

Join me in sacred space where I assist you to recalibrate your 3D/4D energies…come into alignment with our true spiritual nature and repair your 5D Lightbody. The “4D gap” is where the psychic/astral clearing work needs to done so you can more easily hold 5D+ frequencies of Quantum Light. In this way, we earn theContinue reading “Calling all Starseeds, Indigo Warriors, Energy Healers, Psychics, Ascension Seekers!”