Calling all Starseeds, Indigo Warriors, Energy Healers, Psychics, Ascension Seekers!

Join me in sacred space where I assist you to recalibrate your 3D/4D energies…come into alignment with our true spiritual nature and repair your 5D Lightbody.

The “4D gap” is where the psychic/astral clearing work needs to done so you can more easily hold 5D+ frequencies of Quantum Light.

In this way, we earn the privilege of holding 5D Ascended energies on 3D/4D Earth…we upgrade our lives, our communities, and the collective consciousness of humanity!

Many of us have incarnated to help end a 3rd Density evolutionary experience on the 3D Earth. 3D is a place where we get the opportunity to learn, grow and work off the karma from previous lives and experience limited growth opportunities due to the suppressive control energies that have installed themselves here.

Many of us have a felt a “heart call” to step off this wheel of reincarnation and so we volunteered to embody and to participate in this grand ascension cycle. I know that part of my role in service to Source Light is to help people navigate the journey into the higher frequencies of light and their highest potential and possibilities.

In 4th Density we begin to realize that we are the creators of our reality – we create our personal reality from the inside out. We must undertake an archetypal “hero’s journey” to challenge the status quo; and as we do we realize we need to take steps to clear out our personal socio-religious programming, heal our wounded places, our ancestral karma/our genetic lineage. Even past life traumas need to be addressed.

As we clear and heal ourselves – we raise our frequency. In this way, all Life, everywhere, is lifted up in energy, vibration and consciousness. We find we really want to take up space, to claim our voice, to share our gifts. We learn new ways of being, we understand this is a journey of reclaim who we truly are as angelic humans. In this way we help each other heal and learn along the way – we are gathering the tools of Truth, Light and Love that we need to evolve and hold higher frequencies of Light.

In 5th Density we stabilize in a higher, beautiful connection with our Higher Self and Teams in Spirit. In 5D manifestation becomes a natural part of our being because we have learned to trust again and we put our Light Teams to work for us.

We ask for Spirit Teams to help us in all areas of our lives: learning, healing, marketing, finances, communication, creative opportunities, writing and publishing our works,  making earthly and higher dimensional connections, attracting loving relationships, handling our family and other earthly issues and challenges.

We meet with our Spirit Teams each morning in our meditations – just like a business status meeting. They help us to see with “eyes of an eagle” the bigger picture, help us build our discernment so we take on new opportunities we once were afraid to take on and say, “No” to people and things that no longer serve our highest good. 

We download new ways of seeing and being from 5D into 3D. We experience having an abundance of loving resources who are assisting us fulfill our Soul Purpose with Ease and Grace. We have awakened the inner Christ, expanded our mental roadmap to live within an “unlimited resources” reality, expanded our dreams beyond ourselves, experience a beautiful connection to the both the beauty of nature, the Devas of the Elemental Kingdom and the Planetary Divine Intelligence. We live now above the old control matrix – old programming continues to dissolve – we transmute daily the things that no longer serve us or feel of the Light. We wake up each day with joy and anticipation, connect to the wonderful 5D quantum crystalline realms of Light and Love.

Thank you to all of you for undertaking this Ascension journey together!   

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